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  1. After a certain point do colonists just seem to stop building stuff? I've got two bunkhouses and a mine half-finished and three teams not assigned to anyone and... nothing seems to be happening. Nobody seems to be doing anything. I'm on day 53, with 89 colonists and everyone seems to have gone from working to just standing around. It's been two autosaves now and there's been no progress anywhere. I think part of it might be that I'm working on a craptop held together with duct tape, so by this point in the game everyone is moving at a glacial pace anyway, but I'm sure there must be something else up with them not building any modules or even moving resources to them.

    And is it just me, or does gold as surface nodes and mine sites only spawn on the tropical colony location? I can't seem to get it, ever, on the other colony.
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    Are sure that there are enough work crews with construction enabled in the jobs filter?

    Are you sure you have the required materials and that they are not forbidden?

    Look in the jobs menu to see where they are on the list.

    I've seen surface gold on the other biome before.
  3. I must just be unlucky with the gold. It's frustrating, I want to build some upper class houses and stuff, but I just don't seem to get any.

    I definitely have the required materials, I Have 40+ bolts of cloth and the same planks but they're not building any of the room decor in the bunkhouse. They're not even building doors and windows. I've checked the workgang tasks, and they're free to do anything. They're just not doing... anything. I did check the jobs list and they're down quite low, but none of the jobs above them are getting done either. Colonists are just standing around.
  4. Hang on... switched to the craptop so I can upload what I think is the right save. I build the room, then decorate it, then put in the functional shit once it's decorated, because I've noticed they don't build decor if there's stuff in the way and that cramps the style of my stylishly cramped bunkhouses. I've had the decor sat waiting for three autosaves and they've just done nothing.

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    Again, if there's a save game going on I can dig into it. I'll take a look at this tomorrow morning.