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Discussion in 'Modding' started by BladeOfGrass, May 16, 2012.

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    Actually, it's in his signature. Along with an apology for those who think he is too trigger-happy.
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    Let's get back on track, folks
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    I know. But that changes nothing. He has that in place to prevent people from over-reacting to his potential overreactions. But I still say I would never know it if he never mentioned it. He seems fairly normal to me.

    I am Bi-Polar, so I have drastic mood swings. I rarely bother to mention it because it usually weakens my opinions in the eyes of the judgmental (Oh, he disagrees with *Me*?!? He's Bi-Polar. I will overlook that post...).

    The few times David or I have really strongly opposed one-another, we usually hashed it out in a PM or even in the forum posts where it all started. By the end, I know I have a newfound respect for his position. He really knows his stuff. And sometimes I have to re-read his posts several times to realize what he really means and what should happen about it.

    If I were a total ass, I would rename my little "Elvish Reality" total conversion to "This will really piss off David"... :) But that was never my intention, and would be cruel. The total conversion itself is pretty much an antithesis of what David thinks should happen though.

    But like I said, I consider him a friend.

    *Edit* Daynab Ninja'ed another post while I typed this one... Agreed. I will abort this dialog.