BETA 54C Workplace Quality Effect

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  1. Juwadroid

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    I'm a bit confused about how workplace quality is affecting citizen mood.
    • -6 to +1 quality = +20 happiness, +5 anger, +5 despair
    • +2 to +3 quality = -10 happiness
    • +4 to +5 quality = 0 across the board
    • +6 quality = +10 happiness
    The above is from an overseer. Laborers seem to have a different perception of quality but still bottom out at the +20 happiness stat like an overseer. It seems like -6 to +1 quality gives a lot of happiness, enough that I'd probably want lower quality workplaces? I'm wondering if it's a bug and supposed to be -20 happiness (which seems like it would be more in line with the rest).

    Maybe this is intended and I'm missing something.
  2. Alavaria

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    from scripts\gameobjects\citizen.go line 7176:
    It's a typo?

    Reading the rest of it, yeah it does seem that your happiness would (if fixed) hits bottom very fast, exactly from +1 quality, indeed... essentially there are 7 tiers of workplace quality, but only 5 tiers of workplace QoL
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  3. Mad_Ludvig

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    That would be a pretty significant bug. Right now I've been ignoring workplace quality since everyone has been happy once I start serving booze. If this is true I'm in for a rude change to how I run stuff.
  4. Juwadroid

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    Thanks for the info!

    I tried to find this stuff in the files but I'm not particularly savvy at code diving. I'll just change it to -20 for now and maybe submit it as a bug along with some other stuff later.
  5. Nicholas

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    Ugh, fixing.