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    Hi, i know another player have posted this, and it is said to be hotfixed but it just happened to me, and i think i will reflect here again as this is an important persistent bug to fix, thanks.

    I reposted it here as a new bug in hope that the dev will see it, thanks.

    ok, this bug that happened to trygve happened to me too, and i have the pictures from my game, i was shocked when the game showed me i only have 4 military when i have more then that. i will show the pictures now.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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    there is more then this @.@. I just realised on this same savefile that this overseer is dead and is preaching?!?

    dead colonist  still alive.PNG
    As u can see from the picture above, belis boot is dead and the labourers are still under her . lol
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