Wizards Sleeve?

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by llamaegg, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. llamaegg

    llamaegg Member

    So, after clearing a good two floors and not having anything worth buying I stumbled across what might be an awesome item, or useless. Either way, I wanted to buy it just for the flavor text.

    Aaaanyway, is it (the Wizards Sleeve) actually used for anything? Logic says it must be used in a crafting recipe, but you can be darned sure I'm not finding anything!
  2. Embolus

    Embolus Member

    It's a Quest Item from one of Inconsequentia's Inconsequential Side Quests, I believe.

    EDIT: Okay, it's in the ItemDB but is apparently unequippable, as it belongs in the non-existent "Sleeve" slot. But it's also one of the item names generated in Side Quests.
  3. Rikkard

    Rikkard Member

    I got it from a quest once. Tried to equip it and it disappeared.
  4. llamaegg

    llamaegg Member

    Huh, kind of weird that you can buy a quest item from the shops, especially when they're randomly generated.
  5. VladdyLulz

    VladdyLulz Member

    I found one as well, then right-clicked it, and it disappeared, I'm assuming going onto the non-existent Shoulder Armor slot. :p Not that I minded, really.
  6. Embolus

    Embolus Member

    It's not completely a quest item I think: there's probably two versions of it, a quest version and an item version.

    If you look closely, it has a price of 1337, and the description says: "The mystical powers of the Wizard's Sleeve are many. If only you had a slot for sleeves on your character sheet."
  7. IanExMachina

    IanExMachina Member

    There is an item called wizards sleeve?
    That is great hahaha.
  8. llamaegg

    llamaegg Member

    Which was totally the reason I bought it, didn't care that I couldn't actually use it, just loved the text.

    So I wonder if the item version will actually be used for something then, if we take into consideration that theirs two versions of it.
  9. Embolus

    Embolus Member

    Well, it comes under the "Silly" tag in the XML (and is the only item under that tag), so I wouldn't count on it. It's probably just there to screw with our brains.
  10. Incendax

    Incendax Member

    It is a purchasable item, but it can also appear as the base item for an artifact involved in quests.
  11. zshikara

    zshikara Member

    I got a "wizard's sleeve" two times in my first complete playthrough. The first one was a piece of gear that you wore on your chest (I don't remember the stats it had) with flavor text making fun of why you don't have a sleeve slot. Then the second time it was the quest item that everyone here has described.
  12. Noven

    Noven Member

    Really? I found, like... well, very many of these things on my first playthough