Wizardlands with good loot

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    Thanks! And excuse me, didn't read up and see difficulty matters, that's on GR(PD).

    For that matter, also on GRPD:

    8 - Togngitewnarp (Anvil of Krong room! also, art. green armor)
    8 - Zekiikiiewniz (art. Full Plate Armor)
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    A few codes were added to the list today from the thread. Will continue updating tomorrow.
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    Puitnusmagit: 2nd level, has icicly wand, and (low value) artifact orb.
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    Nice one here, found and played it on GRPD:

    Chrtwejolioounf: Level 6 enemies. Three big maze-like rooms, starts you out in a large concentric circle room. Found 2 Voluminous Robes of the Vizier, Imperial Boilerplate, and a Crown of Yellow, all on the floor. There was a crafts vending machine there as well.
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    Too lazy to test these, might have loot, probably don't. I tested Fochuzanakkol but then was killed by Evil Clones before I could get any loot, so be wary of those.
  6. Korpitmagmagnus (Level 2/3?): Anyway, it has a Triagulon cache in it, so a good ring and Triagulon's Staff. Pretty good equipment for an easy WL, so I thought it might be worth including in the "Good Loot" list. Note that you will need a teleport of some kind to access the cache- there are no destructible walls to break through. I suppose a Bolt of Mass Destruction or other method of breaking through walls would work as well, if you had access to it.
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    All Triangulon rooms are given their own separate place, but thanks anyway. :)
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    This thread is labeled 'Wizardlands with GOOD loot.' If you just want to submit codes, please do so in the graffiti thread. There's enough clutter to sort through in this thread without that. I've already got a bunch of damage that needs repairing in the graffiti document.
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    It's not been tested, so it might not work for other people, but if you type 'Insanity' in it, you'll get a diggle hell level with a diggle devil statue. Also had an Axe of the solar disk for me.

    Edit: End loot is a monosword thing with 50 Slashing damage. It's enchanted for 1 counter chance.

    Edit2: No Vlad Digula.

    Edit3: Just confirmed, Diggle hell levels are completely random. This is useless. You can use the same code over and over and the levels will always be random.
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    Sounds promising. I'll try this one out (in alternate dimension testing of course) and see if Diggle Hell doesn't change with seeds used. Did it have Vlad Digula?
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    Diggle Hell seems to always be random. I never found any codes that generated the same copy of Diggle Hell. Has anyone?
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    No, because it is random. When you insert a code that doesn't lead to a wizardland, it discards your code and generates Diggle Hell from a random seed. Ergo, you would have to spend quite a bit of your life to get a repeat of something you had earlier, or just be tremendously lucky.
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    I'll add this to the spreadsheet readme for future reference.
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    All floor 1 codes were tested, and a complete list of good loot locations has been posted. Waiting to head to dlvl 2 tomorrow. :)
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    begun updating floor 2 though the pickings are sort of slim. Calling it quits for today.
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    Updated with whatever I found in about half of the DL2 codes on the spreadsheet.
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    Updated with another half-dozen codes. :)
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    Anybody know any good DMPD or EJWTHFPD graffitti? I'm working on the associated steavos.

    For that matter, are there any plans to update the spreadsheet to account for difficulty levels? Right now they seem to be posted with no regard for difficulty, so many don't work as listed.
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    Sorry to break your bubble, but I'm PRETTY SURE that whenever an update comes out, the wizardlands change, making this kinda pointless (you *CAN* still use the codes), I tested 3 of the codes for DL1 on GRPD and they all didn't work (didn't give the loot they were supposed to.
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    That's because some rooms were added to the wizardlands. If wizardlands aren't touched by an update, they should still work. Plus there may or may not be other differences like are you playing easy, middle or hard. Plus if you use a mod which affects wizardlands than that will definitely make a difference in what people without that mod see.
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