Witchy's are OP

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  1. Desi

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    Yeah, I left my chokepoint to grab a healing potion or something and the witchy threw the spell mine right at the entrance. ='(
  2. Monk

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    Hey, I have cleared level 5 now, I did notice a couple new things.

    When blinded I cant see those diggle commandos which can make it alittle harder sometimes.

    Another thing I realized is I am wearing shoes that give me 2 sight radius. So I think this helps me with the blind alittle.

    (Now ive cleared a good amount of level 6, no monster zoo yet. The mushrooms seem to hit pretty hard.)
  3. fishofmuu

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    They are already aware of them being too strong. Check out the laundry list:
    - Witchys and Monstrous Masks are too nasty, and should spam the revival spell less.
  4. Misery

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    Frankly, I dont think either the Witchys or the Masks are all that tough... but them being tough wouldnt be that much of a problem anyway.

    This *is* a Roguelike, after all. It's supposed to be bloody difficult. If it's not, then something's wrong.

    The ONE problem they can give me is that they have that high block chance and the obnoxious stab attack. Yeah, they have that darkness attack, and the revival move.... but really, I dont find those to be big deals at all. And no, i'm not playing on easy.

    My build is something like this: Swords, Archaeology, Smithing, Perception, Master of Arms, Sureshot, Artful Dodger. And with Archaeology, I DIDNT take the "Translation is all wrong" ability or whatever it's called. I'm aware that it's horribly bugged at the moment. I took Archaeology for the first two skills. With this build, I have no inherant area attacks; Swords has that one move that hits 3 squares in a line, and that's it.

    That being said, I've run into rooms full of Witchys or Masks (last group of Masks I saw was 5 at once and a couple of those irritating dragons, on floor 7), and generally been able to get through them without too much risk.

    Keep in mind, this game isnt just about the skillsets; it gives you all of those bazillions of different items for a reason. I have no inherant area attacks with this build; my only activated abilities are that line stab, the "send it to the museum" skill from Archaeology, Suit Up, and Knightly Leap. Yet I've gone through every single monster zoo without my health dropping below half in any of them (and I dont grind for experience. I hate grinding in any game. It's BORING.)

    What's important is to USE all those items you get. Proper item use can get you through all sorts of situations. For example, when I get a monster zoo, one of the first things I tend to do is lob one of those odious puffballs at it; huge area of effect on those. I can also fire a squid bolt, which is great for thinning the group out, but of course those are rare and I dont always have them. The temporary-vamprism mushroom is good for if I have to deal with multiple strong foes getting too close at once; things like the Steeling potion or the Regen increase potion can make it so that I can take more punishment.

    I mention monster zoos there, but tactics like that.... just using items correctly in general.... can get you through any situation if you do it right and are prepared.

    Even with their stupid revival trick; enemies in this game, while dangerous, are also very stupid, and it's not THAT hard to get them into a position where you can take them out one by one, carefully, without them getting near the corpses of the ones you just killed. And again, item use can make all of this so much easier.
  5. DerpTyrant

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    The only problem is getting bunch of them at zoos. Especially if you're a warrior/rogue. But then again they're underpowered.
  6. I hate witchies and monstrous masks so damn much as a melee character. They're not much of an issue with a caster or ranger character.
  7. saturnine

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    The blue witchys at level 7. Fuck everything about those, ugh. Makes level 5 witchys look mild in comparison.
  8. DavidB1111

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    @Misery Well, you live up to your name. :)
    Though, you are horribly horribly doing it wrong.
    First: They are not easy to deal with. Ever. Unless you're overpowered yourself.
    They do piercing damage, and finding resistance for that is hard.
    2. They are a challenge for me, and others, and I only play on Elvish Easy.
    3. I have been playing rogue-likes from 1997, and their abilities would have been nerfed by the creators of Nethack by now. :)
    4. Roguelikes are not silly hard.
    5. The first time Omega was beaten, the creator made it harder. Not all Roguelikes should follow that example. Unless you are the creator of Omega, you shouldn't suggest it either.
    6, People play games to relax, not have a challenge that the greatest minds of our time would have a hard time overcoming.
    I could go on for hours here. Unfortunately, you would end up looking like that guy from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade who drank from the wrong grail. :)
    I am tired of people under the mindset that Roguelike = harder than Nintendo Hard multiplied by the Persona Series difficulty and then cubed with a 8x8 rubik's cube, and then multiplied by 100 Googol.
  9. fishofmuu

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    Yeah my opinion on roguelike difficulty is that they should be easy if the RNG gods have blessed you, and literally impossible if you're cursed. The actual game will fall somewhere randomly in between, dependent on the RNG god's whims. 'Skill' in a roguelike is just attempting to stack the odds in your favor.... and the odds are never really in your favor.
  10. Desi

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    @DavidB1111 You may not like me for this, but is there a way to disable Starvation on Nethack, short of using Exploration mode or whatever? Starvation kills me every time, since I like to play slow.
  11. DavidB1111

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    @Desi Can't help you, it's been way too long since I played Nethack. I think you can use the exploration Mode to get food.
    I mostly cheated in Angband/Zangband with Cheat and Debug options. :)