Witchy's are OP

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by kbe, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. kbe

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    Since the latest update they can revive and that's cool but how about when you open a room and there's 2-4 of them that just keep reviving each other endlessly and they get back full hp too, I think some balancing needs to be done here either lower their revival rate or make them revive other monster only with like 20% of their hp.

    Anyone else run into this? I just had a room with 4 of them and like 4 other mobs I ended up having to fire a Bolt of Mass Destruction at them because it was the only way I could kill them all off a once. I'd hate to open up a zoo now with a pile of those in it.
  2. Rikkard

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    They can revive?
    They were already the strongest unit on that floor. All I've seen them do is blind me.
  3. swal

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    I already hated them with my melee :/
  4. kbe

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    Yea being blinded while they revive all their dead pals around you is not fun, I would of died if I hadn't got lucky with that BoMD.
  5. afterstar

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    On Level 7(Ice), I opened a Zoo, and there were more than 10 of them,close to each other.The only way I think I found to deny them revival,is if you or another monster/object is standing on top of a corpse they won't be able to revive it.
    Needs further testing though.
  6. kbe

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    Doesn't seem to matter if your standing on the corpse though I just had a witchy revive another witchy right on top me and there was no way to move without him getting a hit on me.
  7. Omnia0001

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    I would be fine with it only if they can revive an enemy ONCE. (each enemy can pop back up once from a witchy... kill it again and it doesn't leave a corpse) Right now witchys are making the zoo very very difficult to complete with a melee.
  8. waitwhat

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    Witchys are tough, but I like it as they posed a challenge when most other enemies I could just plough through.

    I thought one had actually killed me with a crazy huge fire blast spell, but turns out it was just a super trap that my character didnt even notice despite walking backwards and forwards in the area multiple times.
  9. kendrakirai

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    My main complaint about Witchys is that they seem to exclusively do piercing damage, which ignores armor. I can walk over everything else on the floor, but one Witchy can take me critical in three hits. And they have what seems to be an incredibly high block chance, too. Add in the revivals and blinding and a pack of three can be more dangerous than entire Zoos.
  10. Tech

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    I actually think the blinding is the most stupidly OP ability they have. Since the blinding stacks and they spam cast it occasionally, I'm sometimes stuck with a 0 sight radius. The problem with this is, since you can't knightly leap or mathemagic teleport to unseen spaces, or target unseen areas with magic, if you get surrounded as a mage while full blinded, game over.
  11. Monk

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    Are you guys talking about 1.4 version?(steam does not have 1.4 yet)

    Or is this 1.3 version and deeper levels then level5?

    Witchys on level 5 are pretty easy to kill and dont seem to have any special abilities.

    edit: thought i would add that I am unarmed skill, and throwing which at the moment im running out of thrown items, but I save them for magic item destroying purple monsters

    Edit2- I noticed the revive and the debuff this time but still not haveing much problem with it.
  12. Witchys are pretty tough.

    They nail your accuracy with blind, revive and hit like a brick house. And I'm a warrior type currently, so I have to run like a sissy until I can funnel them through a hotgate. I'd say they need to have at least one ability dropped.

    Personally, the revive doesn't both me as much as the fact they can basically debuff you, then pound you into dirt with piercing. No real tactics to counter that other than as I posted above.
  13. Monk

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    My build is unarmed, berserk,thrown weapon, deadshot, psionics, assassin and dodge. I am playing going rogue with permadeath.

    Im not sure of your build but I guess the psionics heal maybe helps me a lot.

    I have unarmed max, assasin max, dodge max, psionics up to heal, deadshot was lvl 2 but i just maxd that also. Still lvl 1 for berserk and throwing.

    I have all kinds of wands I could also use, but I save those for when I need um.

    I guess it has a lot to do with your build if they are to strong. I have 3 types of knockback and use psionic healing. And I have plenty of drinks for mana, and like 5 grilled cheese sandwhich that i try not to use. I have tons of potions I can heal with also.

    I guess it really depends on the character skill set and how lucky you have been with items.

    With my sneakiness also over 40 it seems some monsters can just move around close to me and still take a few turns to see me.

    (wanted to add I carry a xbow for stas but have never shot it. I turn bolts into lutefisk though I keep a blt of mass destruction in case i need that:)
  14. DavidB1111

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    @Monk Heh, your char lives up to your name, also you're playing the character class combo that is basically untouchable.
    Seriously, you may not have any problem, but you're on Easy Mode, so to speak. :)
    Trust me, those Witchy are really annoying.
  15. Incendax

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    On a scale of 1-10 I would rate the overall power of Monk's build about a 7. He's going to experience some pretty strong issues due to lack of damage later in the game and Throwing Weapons is kind of an underwhelming skill. Still, it comes out of the gate strong and offers a lot of defensive viability.
  16. DavidB1111

    DavidB1111 Member

    I don't know, if he can get past floor 5 easily, he's not underpowered.
  17. waitwhat

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    worse witchy spell is the fire spell mine they will cast in front of you if you try and run away. i thought it was just a random trap but turns out its one of their spells and hurts. dont try and run away, as in moving through tiles very quickly... take it step by step.
  18. DavidB1111

    DavidB1111 Member

    That only applies to Witchy classes on Floor 7. Not 5.
  19. Desi

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    You can get unlucky in a Monster Zoo on level 5 and have one of those spell mine-throwing Witchies spawn in, like what happened to me last night. =/
  20. DavidB1111

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    Ah. Wow. 2 floors out of depth. Ow. Just ow. That's all I need, more Angband OoD monsters. "The Ancient Red Dragon breathes fire." "You die." "Why did it show up 40 levels out of depth?"