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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Kaoschan, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Kaoschan

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    Ok i'm gonna do a wishlist for the next big patch Dredmor may (or may not) come.

    Better Combat-Ticker

    Currently the Ticker is limited to 4 lines, melee combat only and is rather slow

    A Better version would be:
    * at least 6-8 lines of log
    * possible backlog capability (lets say 30 lines of scrollable log?)
    * magic/ranged/trap/aoe damage (perhaps condense the AoE dmg into something like 3 Monster recieved 4dmg, 2 monsters recieved 6dmg, etc..)
    * make the ticker scroll faster (perhaps bound to the animation speed)
    * make special things colorful (for example if my artefacts gets corrupted the tickerline could have a special color?)
    * give us toggable option (for example to remove the "xxx has dies in a horrible way" massages, or to remove the "xxx did no damage" massage)

    Perhaps a new Trap disarm formula

    Current formula is based around the idea of 45% + auto-disarm
    Trap Affinity = Trap Level --> auto-disarm
    Trap Affinity < Trap Level --> each level difference -5% disarm chance

    This formula is a bit unrealistic and somehow prone to RNG randomness (ok straight who did not had a 45% disarm trap which took 8+ tries to disarm --> thats way less than 1%)

    My idea would be 70% + auto-disarm
    Trap Affinity = Trap Level --> 60% disarm chance
    Trap Affinity > Trap Level --> auto-disarm
    Trap Affinity < Trap Level --> each level less -10%

    This would make a bit more sense and would make trap a bit deadlier (only a level difference of 6 is needed for 0% chance, where the old formula used 9 levels) while keeping the "danger" curve. You have a higher starting chance, yet it falls way faster then in the old formula. And you have to be better than the Trap itself to not get "unlucky" while disarming. For me having the same Trap Affinity as the Trap Level means that you have theoretically mastered the Trap, yet still sometimes "errors" or "unlucky" events may happen while disarming it which could lead to ... death.

    Skills are still lacking

    There are still skills which only have 5 levels (or less) and therefor are not soo great for higher level characters due to them loosing potential archtype levels. Some of these Skill still lack "something" (may it be passives, active skills or procs). Especially Vampirism is still underpowered and is lacking this "something". Other Skills would be dual wield, master of arms, magic training, etc..

    Perhaps a little bit of "something" for them to make them a better choise in the game [what this "something" is .. i have no idea!]

    Thats it for now, please post your opinion and ideas.

    Let Crafted Items inherit their ingredient bonuses

    what title says.
    Let crafted item inherit the bonuses of all of their ingredients.
    If i find a supercool crude sword and have the ability to to reforge it into a better sword, let the better version inheirite the bonuses. This would make crafting more powerfull and create a better way to improve krong items by giving them more usability
  2. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    Erm, I'm not sure if Dual Wield really is lacking now...

    But I agree about the log - it would be nice if it got expanded.
  3. Ruigi

    Ruigi Will Mod for Digglebucks

    It would also be cool if at some point they released some kind of inventory management solution. I'm not sure how they'd do it, maybe some kind of slip-dimensional portal that takes the player to a "player vault" location that can be accessed remotely by a magic item?
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  4. Teslacrashed

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    either some sort of "vault" available at shops, or Tinkers/Smiths should be able to craft a "crating box" that can hold only crafting materials.
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  5. LionsDen

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    I would like it if like items and spells, there was a way to spawn a random thing (i.e. statue. anvil, vending machine or item or even nothing) at a certain location in rooms.xml. Like at the location 5 or at x,y coordinates. I have a room idea that pretty much requires something like this to be able to pull off.
  6. I really would like the better combat ticker, the old one really annoys me.
  7. Lorrelian

    Lorrelian Member

    Agree withe better ticker, so long as "better" = "faster" and "can scroll backwards".
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  8. Gabriel P

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    Dungeons of Dredmor, a poem in four lines:

    "The spell has no effect!
    The spell has no effect!
    The spell has no effect!
    The spell has no effect!"
  9. SkyMuffin

    SkyMuffin Member

    100 Rogues has a "Locker" that randomly appears every few levels, and then you can leave items in it for future rogues to use. But I'm not so sure how well that would work in a long-term game like Dredmor.

    A locker that just appears and then you can stash stuff in it (but not for other adventurers)? maybe.
  10. Aegho

    Aegho Member

    Personally I don't see how that idea is much better than the current droppile solution.

    Make crafting ingredients have their own unlimited inventory, period. Make this browsable, so if you want to you can still sell stuff from it to brax.
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  11. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    The next version of Dredmor will most likely be codified as 1.1.0 so that I can break the save game format.

  12. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    We love you for that, Nicholas.

    Though I hoped we'd get to 1.0.13.

    That being said, the thing I'd love to see (since you are going to break save game compatibility either way) is for us to be able to give spells names differing from their IDs, and for the parameter names to be somehow changed so that we won't have to worry whether something is all-lowercase or if some letters have to be uppercase. And etc., etc.

    So basically, my wish for the next major version is for you guys to take a tour to the modding request thread. You can kill us afterwards.
  13. ProtoMan

    ProtoMan Member

    A better mod loader. You really have to drill M1 to find the mod you want unless you have, like, 5 mods installed.
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  14. Marak

    Marak Member

    Going to jump in and add my support for a full-on, WoW style combat log/ticker.

    The current one is near useless, even with the improvements made in the 1.0.9 (???) patch.

    "The octo fires an aethereal bolt!"

    Well that's great. Did it hit me? Did I Resist or Reflect it? If it hit me, how much did it do? What's the point of telling me that the Octo shot me after the game just finished playing a bunch of animations showing that the Octo shot me?

    Where's the warning for monsters laying AoE clouds of death on the ground? And the damage they're dealing?

    Why can't we add how much XP a monster is worth somewhere in the "collapses in a pile of X and Y with bits of Z!" line? "The Octo collapses in a pile of guano laced with katamari. You gain 18 experience."

    "Your spell deals no damage."

    I'm not casting any spells. Something, somewhere is resisting an on-going effect that may or may not have been laid down by me. In reality, it's often a mob I can't see triggering a trap in a room I haven't even opened yet.4 Spamming everything else off the ticker with 300 instances of "Your spell deals no damage." in these and similar situations is extremely unhelpful.

    While I don't expect to be able to scroll up to "You kick the Diggle for 2 Crushing damage!" when I'm in the middle of the Floor 13 Monster Zoo, having the ticker save several dozen lines - that you could scroll back up and read - would be great, especially when you're in the middle of clearing out said Zoo and the ticker simply cannot handle what's happening on-screen.

    And as others have said, it scrolls too slowly. It's not that bad or noticable when it's you vs. 2 diggles, but any time there's the Hero(ine) and 5+ monsters all acting at the same time, it just flat-out cannot keep up. The ticker should not be scrolling and catching up for literally 3-5 minutes after you clear out a large Zoo.

    (I know I sound bitchy and gripey here but honestly, a faster ticker with scroll arrows and more relevant information would make this game soooooooo much better, at least in my opinion. At the very least, it would up the "user friendliness" of the UI by a significant margin.)
  15. r_b_bergstrom

    r_b_bergstrom Will Mod for Digglebucks

    The bolded part is not true. The chance of a 45% trap taking 8 or more attempts to disarm is actually ~1.5%. Probabilities, percentages, and fractions often function in ways that seem counter-intuitive.

    Chance of "45%" disarm taking exactly 1 attempt: 45%
    Chance of "45%" disarm taking exactly 2 attempts: 24.75% (0.55 x 0.45)
    Chance of "45%" disarm taking exactly 3 attempts: 13.6125% (0.55 x 0.55 x 0.45)
    Chance of "45%" disarm taking exactly 4 attempts: 7.486875%
    Chance of "45%" disarm taking exactly 5 attempts: 4.11778125%
    Chance of "45%" disarm taking exactly 6 attempts: 2.2647796875%
    Chance of "45%" disarm taking exactly 7 attempts: 1.245628828125%
    Total of the above: 98.477564765625%
    Chance of "45%" disarm taking 8 or more attempts: 1.522435234375%

    Not disagreeing with the rest of your points. Not even disagreeing that the RNG seems really streaky (it's been driving me up the wall recently). Just correcting a common misunderstanding about how many attempts it should take to disarm a 45% trap.

    Most of us would never assume that one "45%" trap in 20 should take 6 or more attempts to disarm, but when you crunch the numbers that's exactly what you find.
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  16. Kaoschan

    Kaoschan Member

    exactly 8 tries to disarm a trap 0.55^7 * 0.45 --> 0.006 an thats less than 1%.
    I was arguing on the basis of 1 trap not the total 100% in general, and even than the 1% was a rough estimate on my side cause i was to lazy to calc the stuff through.
  17. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    In the post r_b_bergstrom quoted, it was not "exactly 8 tries", but "8+ tries".

    But whatever, the point is that even unlikely events are still possible, even if unlikely.
  18. r_b_bergstrom

    r_b_bergstrom Will Mod for Digglebucks

    You said "took 8+ tries to disarm --> thats way less than 1%" which isn't true, and really isn't the same thing as what you're saying now. That's okay, though. No one is passing judgment on you for getting a mathematical detail wrong. It's okay to be wrong sometimes. I'm wrong quite often. Relax, it's all cool. The rest of your original post was full of great ideas I'd love to see implemented (except for "make Dual-Wield better"), and I have clicked the "like" button on it (but had not yet done so when I was first posting).

    I'm not trying to be a jerk, either. I offer you my apologies if it seemed I was criticizing you rather than the math.

    I was merely pointing out that traps taking a lot of clicks to disarm is not at all unusual. It's easy to assume that a stubborn trap is evidence that something is wrong with the RNG, but when you have the actual percentage in front of you and consider how many thousands of traps you'll disarm in your Dredmor career (there's like 70+ per floor on GR), it's inevitable that we'll all experience again and again a run of "luck" that feels abnormal but in actuality is exactly to be expected.

    The human brain is wired to notice patterns and detect problems, even where there aren't any. This silliness is actually selected for by evolution. Imagining a monster in every fifth shadow has minimal drawbacks in terms of passing on your DNA and you only have to be right once to make a lot of friends in the tribe. But if you miss just one sabre-toothed tiger waiting in the bushes... :)
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  19. Kaoschan

    Kaoschan Member

    No bad feelings.
    Please feel free to post your ideas!
  20. DavidB1111

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    The main thing I'd like to find in the next version of the game is the ability to mod the chance for Krong to bless or curse my gear.
    Seriously, I don't know what it will take to add that, but I'd just about do anything reasonable for that to happen. :)
    If someone could tell me how hard that must be, let me know.
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