Will there be future paid content?

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    It's currently number 4 on my steam top sellers list, that's pretty fantastic. And it's getting a lot of positive press and some attention. Total Biscuit's WTF, positive comments on RPS, Yogcast plays and a ton of Let's Plays on youtube.

    I suspect it won't have the staying power of Terraria (still No. 1 2 months later!) but it's outlasted Cthulu Saves the World which was released about the same time (which reminds me, I need to get that game).

    And I think it's going to stay in the top 10 longer than... say... DNF did after release. As it should.

    Gaslamp have said they are pleased with the sales wihch is a good thing. And to be still on the top 10, the sales haven't stopped yet.

    DLC would help them bring in further funding, but assuming none has been developed at this point (and as they ran out of money for a female character it seems unlikely that it has) it will probably take a while to appear if they do produce any.

    My personal opinion, free updates would be brilliant, DLC would be nice, but I would like to see them turn their attention to a new game. I want to see what the minds that produced this game can do with a bit of money and name recognition behind them.

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    @MikeW: Terraria was very much released in a late alpha state. The developers had a severe leak from one of the internal testers onto /v/, where the game was quickly spread around like a bad infection in a whorehouse. In order to combat that, they moved the release date on Steam up a full month prior to what they had been stating.

    Just because the game was very feature rich in the developer's alpha, does not mean it was complete.
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    I feel as if the pricing for this game should've been more like $10, at least. Getting more free content for the $4.50 that I paid is astounding. I'd like to see a content "expansion" to this before these guys focus wholly on their next game, although I definitely look forward to their next piece of work.

    As do others, I've not been a fan of nickel & dime DLC which contains very little in the way of content, preferring classic expansion size packs. I can see a lot of room for more dungeon levels themes & room "tiles", more monsters & their abilities, more shiny loot, more skill categories, some more game mechanics, etc.

    Gimme more to play with for the long wait between this first and the second to come.
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    Dredmor DLC: We're going to release lots of small patches with additional content for free. I am not myself a fan of paid DLC for reasons similar to those mentioned.

    Dredmor paid expansion: We don't know yet. If we did make a paid expansion it would make significant additions to gameplay rather than just being more content.

    Female player character sprite: We're going to have one drawn up now that we're actually bringing in money. I'm not sure what form the release of the female hero sprite will take yet.

    Explaining the $5 price: Nicholas was going to write this, but he's overwhelmed with patching the crashes and doing new UI pieces for Dredmor (and finishing non-Gaslamp stuff), so he hasn't had time to do said blog post. We'll get to this. To give a short part of an explanation, pricing the game at $5 means that more people will try it who would otherwise be on the fence.

    To paraphrase something our 'executive producer' said, "If Dredmor was $15 people would say 'that's a fair price' and not buy the game. With Dredmor at $5 people say 'that's a ridiculously low price' and do buy the game." So: we'd rather people buy the game and think it's underpriced than not buy it. And then more people have the game, more people talk about it, and then more people learn about the game and buy it ...

    Anyway, if you really think the game is worth more than what you paid, well, feel free to buy a copy for a friend ;)
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    @David: I just wanted to say that I was one of those people on the fence about DoD as I have never played a Roguelike game before. After watching TotalBiscuit's first impression video of DoD, seeing your post here on DLC and reasoning for the price point, and reading some of your team's blog posts I felt compelled to buy the game. I'm enjoying it thus far. Thanks!
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    Same here. I hadn't heard of it until I saw the "folly of giving money directly to developer" blog post on reddit. I liked the post, watched a couple of the trailers (had never heard of a roguelike), and decided $4.50 was a price I couldn't regret.
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    @Remmib @Aftermath Thank you for your support!
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    Never knew what a roguelike was until this for myself, either lol I saw some of paulsoaresjr's videos from... a while back, not remembering exactly when. I was on the fence too, but for five bucks and what looked like a good game... couldn't pass it up. Marketing win xP And, very glad to have gotten it, great game :D
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    *Anyway, if you really think the game is worth more than what you paid, well, feel free to buy a copy for a friend ;) *

    I've already bought it for several people on Steam.
    And gotten a couple of dozen others to buy it. :)
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    @overlordror Yes I know all that. But, it wasn't labelled as "Alpha" or "Beta", I know that it didn't have all the content that they wanted to have in it, it near enough does now. The developers said it was near enough the final version, minus some things that were missing, but they were free content updates. Anyway, I think we should leave this now :p
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    @David , is there no way to donate, I am not talking about £10, but the same amount I bought the game for? I am sure many people would do this, as it is a little more income for you guys. I personally, don't want to buy the game for a friend, incase they a) Don't enjoy it, or b) they were going to buy it anyway, so really you have 'lost' some money. If I were to donate that is...
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    I would definitely prefer expansions over DLC. Hope the female sprite will be released as an expansion =)
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    Best of luck to you guys. I bought 1 copy for me and 3 copies for friends. ;) its that good.
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    I don't think it really was a bad idea to make the game so cheap. For me it was one of the main reasons to get into this game, which I absolutely love at this point.
    I am definetly willing to pay for a DLC if it is as cheap as most of you say it will be. Mostly because the game has already proven itself to me.
    But ofcourse the DLC has to really add to the game! extra features and additions that would actually change or add to the experience!