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Discussion in 'Clockwork Empires General' started by Alephred, Nov 14, 2014.

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    Rahbek23, I was poking around in the changelogs and while there are a few that are short (just a few lines), most are pretty long, so I'd hate to make the main page overly long. I can throw up the 35 experimental builds and see what you think.

    Also, I tweaked the colors of the infobox to match the game a bit better.
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    Upon meditating a bit on it I realized it's probably just fine to have pages for everyone. It doesn't really cluster anywhere. The templates are really nice! :)
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    oh, Im so sorry, I saw "general discussion" in the title, and thought this might be a good place to put any positive critiques with the game, as the Wiki page was for to-do-list-things.
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    Ah, no big deal. The worst thing that might happen is that not as many people read it.
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    can you add the french language
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    Well I'm sure the option can be made easily, but we don't have any french speaking contributers I think, which obviously hampers it.
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    The first of the module infoboxes are in. You can see it in use here: It's the first step in getting lists built on what commodities are used where and for what. More to come!
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    Looks great!
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    All this stuff is going in the Big List at the top:

    Lots of stuff for the wiki, lately. Alianin (Gamepedia Wiki Manager overseeing Clockwork Empires) has done a ton of work sprucing up the wiki. It's got a background, and piping, and a a coherent visual theme.

    Importantly, he's also extracted every icon in the game. These icons should be used in every wiki entry going forward (and added to every entry where they're missing) - that includes resources, traits and thought bubbles.

    Similarly, he's created a number of infobox templates for wiki entries, which should be used to summarize the resource costs of workshop, and the grid footprint:

    On to the new stuff that came in with Revision 37:

    list of character skills and their significance
    skill improvements over time
    character appearance reflects highest skill
    cult details: shrines are built when a cult has 3 or more members
    medicinal benefits of Laudanum and Sulfur Tonic
    fishguns no longer usable by humans
    new bandit interactions: illicit trade, peaceful co-existence
    the Refinery, old Metalworks, and Arsenal are now all obsolete; combined into workshop
    Muskets can now be upgraded into Carbines
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    We need to replace 'Creatures' on the front page with 'Enemies' as Creatures is blank and Enemies is populated. I started to fill in Creatures before being redirected to Enemies. Was unable to find it through menu navigation.
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    Just a quick note for potential editors: although foods have 'Food Values' in the script, they're not used in-game (they're the leftovers of the previous food system), and for that reason, we don't include them in their respective wiki entries.
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    (Oh jeez, looking at this I noticed a couple icons had the wrong coords set in xml. Fixed! And thanks for inadvertently revealing these errors.)
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    I live to serve. :D
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    On the subject of order icons: I've struck the situation a few times where I'd put down an outline for a new building. There'd be grass/stumps/lumps in that area - and each of those appears to create a job, and a job icon.

    Result: damn near impossible to place furniture/workbenches due to job icon visual clutter obscuring everything.

    Result 2: countless jobs in job list, leading to jobs not being done. In my current game [37d] I've had a list of 20+ jobs, with a few crucial ones interspersed into these clearance jobs. Busy crews indicates 8/16 (or worse) and people are just standing around idle. Looks like the AI had gone into clinical depression: "I just can't cope with all this work".

    Solution: make it 1 job to clear the muck out from under the foundations of a planned building site. In fact, make it so the building does not even get started until the area is clear. That should help with a lot of uncluttering.
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    I've gone and changed the thread title so it's not quite so ambiguous.
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    We seem to be two builds behind on the Wiki. Is there anything that we can do to expedite this process?
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    Maybe the current version could be pulled from