Why I love indie game devs.

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Essence, Nov 14, 2011.

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    Nuff said.
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    *Patiently waits for a dev to post in here so I can point to it and say "No, that is" or something to that degree*

    The small studios that listen to their fans are just the best developers.
  3. Daynab

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    :D Lekon still has the best deal though, a whole room AND item to his name.
  4. Godwin

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    Huh Lekon is a person? Nice! He also has another reference: Blork son of Kork son of Lekon, it says somewhere on an oculus (although 'Kork' is wrong but it's something like that).

    Why I love indie game devs? They are really sorta like how I would handle things if I had made a game, that makes it a lot easier to love them then some convoluted big sluggish unapproachable corporation.
  5. Marak

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    I love how Daynab sarcophagi typically have swords lying at their, uh, feet.
  6. Daynab

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    Haha. Yeah he is. As far as I remember, other references to real people - Roguely(?) Dagger of Akumos, Starkravingmad's tomb (and mine), Everdraed and Flex's tomb, Akumos and sic's tomb. There's also "Harmless Red Cube" which you can find on floor... 3 I think. That's a reference to DeadlyRedCube, another game developer friend of Gaslamp.

    That's all I can currently think of.
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  7. blob

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    haha that s why there s a harmless red cube ? Even though I didnt get the reference this one made me laugh out loud.
    Too cute.
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    I wish I was notable in some way, my username would make a good reference.
  10. Essence

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    Then become notable! It doesn't take a massive effort; the community is still small. Just find something cool to do and do it! :)
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    Too lazy. =D

    Also, I just got Skyward Sword... so I'm gonna be gone for a while.
  12. Daniel

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    We love you guys too! Also, regarding video game induced laziness, you have no idea how much I want to be playing Skyrim right now.
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    Everyday since its release, I count hours pass at work.
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    Me too, me too.