Why hidden recipes in Smithing are silly

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    Evil Chests vs. Crafting


    Good luck finding the recipe and that wand before Floor 5.
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    Good luck finding that image as well.
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    Is the link broken? I've changed it to imgur now.

    I really have to stop using snag.gy, even if it's really convenient to just paste the image in.
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    Obviously the answer isn't to unhide the recipes, it's to make the hidden recipes stronger! :D
  5. Actually I like the crafting mechanic being "underpowered" because you shouldnt be able to craft such leet random drops, as you can find in the game, what I WOULD like to see is everything being craftable with only 1 in smithing and have the weapon power scale up with higher smithing, just like you get extra bolts in tinkering the higher your ability, this would allow you to get a weapon that WOULD be better than an evil chest earlier, and not be totally useless later when you have a higher smithing score, any gear that would add +x to smithing would also scale higher so you perhaps COULD after maxing smithing + gear create something better than a named item you could find.

    This should be how all crafting works IMO, I would like to make a Clockwork Chainsaw without taking tinkering, but it would craft out with lower stats, etc.. I think that would be really cool
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    Personally I think that was is hurting crafting skills right now is a lack of higher-level things to craft, seeing as originally crafting was a way to get acceptable, if not exceptional, equipment at a moment's notice, at the cost of some inventory slots we spent hauling all the junk around (for that reason I support the idea behind the ingredient bag, but that's another thing entirely), and now it is like that, but only on the beginning, as added dungeon levels render it less effective than before in the long run (because +3 damage is always going to be useful, and ability to craft equipment stops being useful when possible results are vastly outclassed by everything we can find).

    For that reason I really like the Clockwork Knights mod, as it lets me craft slightly better equipment if I ever focus on crafting, and I think that it would be good if we could craft generic equipment up to level 6 (or even 7/8 as additional dungeon levels get added), which would require us to take 2 crafting-related trees for one branch of crafting, one tree focused purely on item creation and the other giving us some other things as well (but not raising the effective crafting level as much). With that, we could get more hidden recipes (as level 6 and higher ones would all be hidden), and crafted stuff would still remain (even if marginally, depending on our luck with evil chests and quest drops) useful.
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  7. The solution is to get rid of the current hidden recipes, and make stronger hidden recipes
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    problem in crafting is that there is very little bonus besides being able to craft a recipe. At least smithing gives burliness, but you get it, and craft a few recipes and done. I once made a mace build and went tinkering and was planning on getting the chain limb thing (lvl 6) but never got the pre-requisite.... at all. lame. Happens too often. It would be very interesting if the 3 non-wand professions could enhance weapons with resources found in the dungeon, providing an alternate way to enhance weapons similar to what a chest could provide.
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    I think that would be a great idea if only they plan around with it carefully.

    Personally, I think it would be best if there are several of these "Scrolls" that can be found in the dungeon. But they can only be used on a certain piece of equipment, such as a "Scroll of Enchant Weapon" and "Scroll of Enchant Helmet" and so forth. The stats would have to have very little effect though, as you can keep enchanting your weapon until you get the perfect weapon.

    Of course there are things wrong with this method, best way to deal with them is by making Krong Anvils significantly more enchanting as well as making these scrolls a rare drop, like the Lutefisk Cube. Who knows? It might also be good as an even rarer drop from a Bookshelf than a Tome that I mentioned in the Suggestions part of the Forums.
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    Crafting seems to be more on the ammunition side, getting a good supply of Bolts of Mass Destruction, Tentacle Wands and Brimstone Flasks is pretty neat.

    Just wish recipes for the "Zzap-Zzap" throwing axe and Grenade weren't hidden or at least stronger because those Brimstone Flasks are quite ballin'.
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    The Nzappa Zap is actually what happens when you try making Throwing Axes when your Smithing is at a high level.
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    Slight sidetrack - Does anyone have a concise list of the secret recipes (for all crafts)? Just the secret ones.
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    You can find it for dredmorpedia - there is a list of all recipes there, with their status as hidden/known marked.
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    A new version of craftDB (needs REPLACEMENT (Not a mod, but a patch)) that has no hidden recipes! May have bugs though. Change .txt to .xml, then place in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dungeons of dredmor\game

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    For the record, I don't really approve of playing with unhidden recipes, but I love it when people take the initiative to create and post stuff like this. ;)