Who made the music?

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  1. And how!

    Just curious how you guys came up with your tracks and if there were any inspirations, seems like a lot of jazzy stuff, but it's a good thing when the music for the game is left on by the players and I think that you've done a pretty good job with it.

    Just never thought to ask when I started playing a long time ago and figured I'd give it a shot.
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  3. I seem to remember seeing this once somewhere before, but I could not place it, thanks!
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    A question: why is it that the music on sites like Bandcamp sounds so much better than it does in-game?

    I mean obviously, you don't have those pesky sound effects getting in way, but even when you're standing still and playing your PSP/DS/SNES in the middle of the dungeon, the music tracks simply do not sound like this. I've noticed this on both the DoD Bandcamp site and the Terraria one.

    Is it a matter of compression? Bit rate? Some other technical mumbo-jumbo I'm unaware of? I can fire up those tunes on Bandcamp and hear instruments and beats that simply don't register on my ears when heard in game. This is a good thing, but a bit puzzling as well, seeing as how I enjoy listening to video game music (I'm looking at you, OCRemix) but don't know a whole lot about how it's produced or the various formats it comes in and their advantages/limitations.

    Edit: Maybe they're post-produced to add little tweaks that aren't in the game's version of the recordings?
  5. I would say the in game versions are optimized for size and / or syncing well with the sounds (sound engine stuff). Also there's a lot to be said about listening to the in game tracks with earbuds vs a headset or speakers when playing the game.
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    But even speakers in-game and speakers streaming off the website, there's a very noticeable quality difference.
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    The files attached to the game are 44100 hz, 8-bit stereo, .ogg (slightly lossy) files that have the benefit of being able to carry metadata. While I've no way to check this, I'd bet even money that the stuff on bandcamp is in uncompressed, lossless, 44100hz, 16-bit stereo, .wav.
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  8. Check out the Swords and Sworcery lp, it's pretty sweet.