Whining: Does Krong ever do anything useful?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Psiweapon, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. Psiweapon

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    Kazeto, you don't have to try to be mean, you are mean and needlessly exacting BY DEFAULT.
  2. Kazeto

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    I would be grateful if you could elaborate.
  3. Psiweapon

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    Yes, of course.

    You pounce* on other people like a resentful troll with a shield of fancy words and finicky arguments.

    Ever wondered why I (and at least another user, whose name I can't remember) have gone out of our ways to nitpick the slightest oversights in your posts? I doubt you did, but in any case, that's why.

    The fancy words and finicky arguments are fine by themselves, mind you, but meaningfully contributing to a community doesn't karmically balance out with being a prick to its members, so unless Gaslamp Games *has* issued a letter of marque and reprisal for your activities on the forums, please, stop being a sugar-coated troll.

    *I don't care if you perform rhetorical acrobatics while such pouncing takes place.
  4. Turbo164

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    I think the nicer way to say this would have been "He said 'after 7 krongings', not 'each Kronging'." That would have been more informative (and less "mean" ) than "you forgot to read". :map_bookshelf: :)
  5. Bohandas

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    Oh. Ok. I see what you did there now.
  6. Kazeto

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    Quite possibly. I was trying to reply to everything quickly because I was just getting a quick look at the forums before going to work, and thus it spiralled into me writing things in a weird way.

    Sorry if my post was in any way unpleasant to you, Bohandas.

    And now I would like to ask you to elaborate on the "sugar-coated troll" thing. I am grateful for your attempt to convey it to me, but I don't get what that one is supposed to mean, and without that I kind of don't see how could I improve there.

    I also don't see why would you compare me to a "resentful troll with a shield of fancy words and finicky arguments" as I just write that way pretty much always, but since I asked precisely because I did not see, I will try to make what I write less pretentious (if it was any), whatever the results of that attempt will be.
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    I've lurked long enough to have seen your posts before dude. You're not really a pretentious asshole or anything, you just often point out where people are wrong (not by any sort of conscious action on your part, but as a simple product of knowing a lot about the game) and a lot of people have issues with that unless it's done really explicitly nicely so it offends them when it shouldn't and they blame you for that when they shouldn't.

    People see you and make the mistake of thinking you're going to take extra-special steps to ensure that they comfortably receive the information you're giving them, when really you're just trying to say what they need to hear in a coherent manner. You use big words because you have a rich vocabulary and you probably feel like it helps you say what you need to more precisely, and it does, but a lot of people don't get this about others who use "big words" and instead just conclude that you're trying too hard and covering up some sort of social deficit. It's really a strange interpretation but it's surprisingly common toward people like you.

    I'd make the claim that you're not a resentful troll with a shield of fancy words and finicky arguments, and if you weren't so open-minded toward that viewpoint at the moment you'd probably do the same thing. Don't change yourself to pander to people who don't understand you. I might have completely misunderstood you as well right here, but you seem to me like a great member of this community who people could learn a lot from if they weren't so focused on trying to psychoanalyze you through text.
  8. Kazeto

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    Oh, well...

    Thank you for that. Really, thanks. I haven't looked at it that way, it just seemed natural. I really am blind sometimes.

    PS. And you have made my day better. Thank you for that, too.
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  9. Turbo164

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    Yep, I don't find you mean/trollish either Kazeto, just pointed out the only thing that could be considered "mean" in that post :)

    Group hug! :life:
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  10. Psiweapon

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    No, I'm not going to elaborate further because you'd just keep asking for me to "elaborate further" ad infinitum.

    Congrats on the group support - I'll now stop behaving like a troll myself. See ya.
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  11. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Doesn't the average bonus actually vary based on the item's Artifact Quality? As in, if you have a high AQ item, Krong gives it more bonuses when he gives bonuses, but not more penalties when he curses things?

    Or am I just on crack?

    P.S. I still like you, Kazeto. :oops:
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  12. Kazeto

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    You are just on crack, Essence. It appears to give you more points because it's easier to "lose" a point or two when comparing it if your item had more bonuses to begin with.

    And I like you too.
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  13. mining

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    I'm like 999999% sure it does: I gave a hammer 1000 AQ once and I was getting so many bonus stats it was ridiculous.


  14. Kazeto

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    This thread isn't much of a proof in itself, I'm afraid (and not the post you linked to, I am certain of that). What matters is not the absolute value but rather the difference between value total from before and after the kronging.
  15. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    HA! So obviously the way to Krong properly is to save all the altars, wait until all your gear has the highest AQs you think you'll get, and then go back up and Krong everything once each. ('Cause I'm pretty sure the second and subsequent times don't give the same kind of bonus again and again.)

    I'll never bother with that kind of compulsiveness, but I'm sure some people just wet themselves with optimization juice.
  16. Kazeto

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    Essence, get some sleep.

    There is no proof in the thread mining posted the link to, so unless he has something else up his sleeve it's not really "obviously".
  17. mining

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    But... there is? An item with thousands of artifact quality gets an absolutely enormous amount of bonuses. Hence, there more artifact quality it is, the more the bonuses will outweigh the cons.
  18. Kazeto

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    If it had 1.000 AQ before kronging and 1.002 after kronging, then the bonus from said kronging is still 2 points. It merely appears to be much because the bonuses are higher. As I said, what counts is the increment of AQ, not the absolute value of it.
  19. mining

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    The weapon was mundane but had AQ 1000 (i.e. lol modding in bs weapon to krong). After kronging, it gets a shitton of stats, suggesting that stats are based on AQ.
  20. Kazeto

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    Mining, what matters here is its AQ after kronging, and the difference between it and the original AQ. If it originally had 1.000 AQ and after kronging it has 1.002, then that means it got 2 points, and not 1.002.

    If you want to test it that way, start with things that are already artefacts, and not with items that just have hell of a potential in form of inactive AQ. Otherwise, you risk deluding yourself with results that will happen not because the bonus was increased, but rather because the item has its inactive AQ distributed as bonuses the first time you krong it. So it's like thinking that your new clothes are warmer than the old ones because you don't feel cold while in reality someone just cranked the thermostat up while you were changing into the new clothes.