Which Wiki do you Use?

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Embolus, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Embolus

    Embolus Member

    As per title. AFAIK there are currently two Dungeons of Dredmor Wikis:



    So which one do you use? Personally, I mainly use dredmorwiki.com, as I feel it is somewhat more organised; however, I use both to cross-check information.
  2. Econael

    Econael Member

    it's unnecessary to split efforts into two wikis
    I think it'd be better if those 2 were consolidated
  3. Jabe

    Jabe Member

    I use the XML files. Located in the 'game' folder of your installation.
  4. Embolus

    Embolus Member

    Yes, but there are some information not found in the XMLs, such as leveling-related information for example.
  5. Econael

    Econael Member

    also the XMLs aren't very handy to view
  6. Embolus

    Embolus Member

    I do agree that it's much better to have just one Wiki, but for some reason whenever a new (popular) game pops up, two "rival" Wikis are created. It would be nice if they are merged, but I suppose that is up to the creators of the Wikis.
  7. Econael

    Econael Member

    I don't get why people get attached to "their wiki" so much

    just copy over the extra info and use the wiki with the better software, scrap the old one

    the earlier this gets done, the less work it is
  8. Econael

    Econael Member

  9. curious nu

    curious nu Member

    I hate wikia and their forced ad layouts, and so use the other.
  10. Embolus

    Embolus Member

    Sigh. Well, people are just naturally competitive I suppose.

    I guess one of the reasons I prefer dredmorwiki.com is because it's... wider.
  11. killington

    killington Member

    I like the layout of the first one.
  12. Lokloklok

    Lokloklok Member

    Dredmorwiki. I didnt even know there was a second one.
  13. Hmm-Hmm.

    Hmm-Hmm. Member

    Add one more to Dredmorwiki. In the end, though, I don't much care there are two.. it just seems like a little bit of a waste when the effort spent on them could be combined on one of them.
  14. Jabe

    Jabe Member


    I found out how stats worked by rolling many many characters. I later looked at the wikis and found that only one had only the level up stats.

    So if someone wants to add more stats formulae to a wiki, here's the thread where I posted them:
  15. 123stw

    123stw Member

    I like the idea of 2 wikis. I don't think there should be one dominate viewpoint for a game that is so new and untapped.

    If you want hard number, then you need to look at xml. Anything written out or simplified will always involve some form of interpretation.