Which Dual Wielding skills aren't bugged in 1.0.3?

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by saturnine, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. saturnine

    saturnine Member

    Was going to take Offensive Maneuvering but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Anyone know if it works?
  2. Revlis

    Revlis Member

    I don't think any of the bonuses or abilities in the dual wield tree work as intended.

    I'm also not convinced that your "Swords" specialization stats are supposed to double when you wield two swords, either, but I don't think there's been official word on that.
  3. saturnine

    saturnine Member

    Have you tried adding any Dual Wielding skills yourself?
  4. BloodyMess

    BloodyMess Member

    Offensive Maneuvering works, but none of the +counter passives in the tree work.

    I don't know about the doubling of sword spec points, but then again I haven't paid attention. Unless I'm playing a mage build, I pretty much always have dw.
  5. Greg72

    Greg72 Member

    the passive don't work, however 'activated buffs' work, aka offensive, equipping two weapons gets the skill passives for each tree or double if the same type

    if you wield two swords you get double the tree now in 1.03, or mace, or etc
  6. saturnine

    saturnine Member

    Thanks a lot, guys, that's really helpful. Guess I'll learn that skill in my next run.

    I haven't been able to not use Dual Wielding since I learned how powerful it is. Can't see myself with a non-Wizard character that doesn't have this, and Vampirism.