When can we expect the 1.0.4 patch?

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  1. @HumbleSloth
    Well that's a bit unfair. I've recommended the game to a ton of my friends, but I bother to put the caveat in that it's not perfect, and still waiting on a rebalance patch to make melee classes less crap. Most of them still got the game to see what I was raving about and dive in head first to learn the ins and outs before patch.
  2. DavidB1111

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    @David Thank you for taking the time to talk to us little people. :)
    That's why I like Indie Devs. They tend to have a higher chance of talking to the fans.
    However, I am almost 100% certain that the company itself didn't want to release MOO3 early.
    Although, I could be mistaken, I do remember reading up on it on the MOO3 forums, and other sources. I hope I'm mistaken though.

    Here's hoping 1.04 will be awesome, and not remind anyone of MOO3. :) Don't kill me for that.
  3. 123stw

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    Agrees. As much as I like this game, the Effects Trigger on Corpses and blood lag are bothering me to no end.
  4. Incendax

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    @David Let us know the day you get the proverbial check. We can all celebrate with a round of congratulations.
  5. Deathdom

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    According to twitter, theres only 4 items left before the 1.04 patch can enter beta.
  6. Embolus

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    Do remember that's entering the testing phase, not release. And judging by what the Devs said they will be spending quite a while testing.
  7. dorsh

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    A beta within a beta...
  8. DavidB1111

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    @dorsh Betaception :)
    I do look forward to this patch, it will fix a lot. I still play the game in 1.03 though. I haven't really run into a bug that would ever make me give up on it though. :(
  9. stress

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    Thank you for the updates, David, it's greatly appreciated. Love the game.