What's the sickest item you've seen drop?

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Smithy64, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. Smithy64

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    I'm starting this thread because I obviously just got one! :cool:

    This is my first roguelike, unless you count Diablo 2, which my cousin and I have played through countless times. And what was one of the best parts of D2? The loot!

    I just got this from the monster zoo on level 3. You can still see the thaumite swarms in my screencap from where I funneled the mobs.

  2. Vykk Draygo

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  3. Marak

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    I had to look that one up.

    1. material for making a ruche.

    Ok, great. What's a ruche?
    a strip of pleated lace, net, muslin, or other material for trimming or finishing a dress, as at the collar or sleeves.

    I didn't even know that was a real word. =/ Obscure decorative items for the win. ;) Edit: veined fabric, eh?
  4. Vykk Draygo

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    I knew what it was in the vague way that happens when you read far too many things. Now I know the exact definition though. Certainly is ridiculous! I've got a sword with a frilly collar around the crossguard. ;)
  5. Marak

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    Reminds me of the Artifact I found that was "studded with cracked, frozen sunlight".

  6. Derakon

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    To the OP: that's an Orb of Nothingness with a few base modifiers attached to it. A very nice item to be sure, especially for casters.

    As far as stacked enchantments go, your best bet probably is to go for the Evil Chests, which can easily generate weapons with massive elemental damage enchantments.
  7. kuhchung

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    I think my +1 wand lore amulet from level 6 monster zoo was the best.
  8. Smithy64

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    Yeah, I know it doesn't have too many extra modifiers, but the fact that it dropped on level 3 is the biggest "holy cow" of it. I also saw a Sir Albrecht's helm for sale on level 2...crazy.
  9. kuhchung

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    The 2 necro resistance is pretty godlike... if you took necrominocrmiencomirnomics
  10. I found a mace that had a total of 42 damage.
  11. marsgreekgod

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    It would have to be that mace of vomiting.

    It wouldn't stop vomiting.

    It was very sick

    (I'm sorry I couldn't help myself)
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  12. Plasma

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    Would someone please explain to me how an orb of nothingness... can still be covered in blood and decorated with spikes.

    Dwarf Fortress taken to the extreme.
  13. I think the best I got was an Armored Archmage's Robe with +3 armour absorption, and +2 Righteous offense. I think I got that on.....floor 7? or was it 8? It was the floor that looks like a mineshaft.
  14. SHiNiGAMi

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    Not actually a drop but it's already lying on the floor when I opened a door on floor 5

    Dropped by an Evil Box (also floor 5)

    Given by Lufetisk Statue (floor 5, 158pcs lufetisks)

    Guess I'm lucky with this floor... Fingers crossed.


    Just looted this one off a box in floor 6. It actually gives a single fruit every kill (if the staff was the last hit to a mob). Notice the fruits? Useful if you're a vamp.. just toss the fruits to the horadric lufetisk.
  15. Knallis

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    I think my favorite was a crossbow. I forgot its name, but it gave me 3 mana regen, 1 health regen, 1 trap radius, and 3 sneakiness. And for a caster that rarely used the bow, it was a great item because I still had room for rings and orbs. Been wanting an item with 3 mana regen ever since.
  16. BladedBlades

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    I got a katana blessed by Krong to grant Midas, I was making gold hand over fist until I fell to the zoo on the frozen level.
  17. Catstyle

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    Having a few good krongs lately I thought finding an amulet thats better would be impossible.

    Then this baby dropped. :)
    Krog is incomming! (my last amulet was almost the same in resistance but had Armor absorb instead and not the other fancy stats)
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  18. Risquitous

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    I just found a 45 damage crossbow on DL10, minutes after finding a 40 damage crossbow. I was squeeling with delight :D
  19. Knallis

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    Midas? Really?! That's insane! My only alt power I got was on a fruitful staff and was granted thaumites, but even though that gives it incredible damage it also has such bad synergy with fruitful staff's true purpose.
    I'm so jelly!
  20. Aldin

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    I made a character specifically for the Steam gift achievement and she managed to obtain this flail a couple of minutes into the game, thanks to an evil chest and a lucky Krong.


    Not a bad starter weapon for a mace warrior/rogue.