What's the point of windows?

Discussion in 'Clockwork Empires General' started by Zeocrash, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. Zeocrash

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    What's the point of windows now? It used to be that they raised the building quality by 1. Now they do not, what's the point of them?
  2. Unforked

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    Players (including myself) were spamming them like crazy because they were so cheap, easy, and took up no inside space. Now they are just decoration. The devs might do something else with them down the line.
  3. Samut

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    If light ever matters in this game, that would make windows useful as well.
  4. Mad_Ludvig

    Mad_Ludvig Member

    There could be a "Danger" factor to buildings as well. Complicated equipment or poor lighting could cause serious (or fatal) accidents.
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  5. Fluffeh

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    Really liking the thought of giving buildings a "Working conditions" value. There's a whole slew of things you could use such a rating for.
  6. Wolg

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    The other use for windows would arise once combat line of sight becomes a thing; give windows an interaction point (the green dot as with other modules) and they become a place for a redcoat (or opportunistic hostile...) to navigate to, stand at and shoot from cover.

    Whether that grants a miss chance for incoming fire from outside, prevents enemies making melee attacks against the redcoat from outside, or both, I'd think it falls within the stated combat design goal of battle outcomes being mostly determined by positional preparation.
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  7. tojosan

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    I'd like to see the choice of the fancier windows giving a +1 to quality. That said, it'd be nice if they were more functional.
  8. Blyn

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    what if it was +1 to quality only up to 0 ?

    like -1 terribleness.
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  9. Tikigod

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    Probably beyond the willingness for the dev work required to pull it off but ideally something like windows having a +1 quality gain but the number of applicable windows able to positively impact quality driven by the size of the building.

    So a 4x4 workshop might only benefit from a quality gain from a single window.

    Where as a oddly shaped workshop but consisting of 35 tiles might benefit from a quality gain from 2 or even 3 windows.

    The idea being that it reflects on the lighting quality in the building. No windows and everyone is working in the dark. But add a single window to a small shack and you're not going to improve the lighting conditions any further by adding a second or third window for example.
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  10. DaCrAzYmOfO

    DaCrAzYmOfO Member

    Or just a flat rate of +2 no matter how many windows