What's the deal with Monolith quests?

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    Okeh, i'm very noob here, my first character on the first level. Fortunately i played Nethack and Angband back in the day, so i have the basic idea. However, i've got these two quests that i don't know how to finish. Both involve items that must be 'used' on a monolith. All i've been able to do so far is drop the items next to the monolith. WTH? Oh, and is the monolith good for multiple quests, or should i look around for another monolith hidden somewhere??
  2. Place the item on the monolith's square. You don't even have to be next to the monolith to do it- just select the item and click on the monolith.
    There can only be one monolith on each dungeon level, but if you get a monolith quest there will be one on that dungeon level. You can use both items on the same monolith, so long as the monolith is on the same dungeon level you got the quest items on.
    All of this also applies to eyeball shrine and mellow shrine quests.
    Hope that helps!
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    That's a good explanation. That goes in the guide
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