What would go in an FAQ for CE?

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  1. dbaumgart

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    Hello! I'm going to be setting up a Clockwork Empires FAQ for people who don't really know what the game is about. I mean, I imagine you guys are really up on the details so this may not be the best place to ask, but doesn't hurt to get a little more perspective.

    I mean, certainly we get asked a lot of questions and that'll be the starting point, but what do you guys think would be important to cover for people who are new to CE? Or, indeed, what would you like to frequently ask us and have answered?

    PS. I'm not going to do anything like explain what all the Eldritch Horrors do. That's a little too detailed a question for this sort of thing; I'm interested in broad strokes.

    Or, how about this: What broad aspect(s) of the game have we not communicated well that we should talk about clearly and directly?
  2. Alistaire

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    "What's the goal of the game?"
    "Why do my subjects speak so much?"
    "What factions are there?"
    "What foul beasts will I encounter?"
    "Why does that rock have tentacles?"
  3. Untrustedlife

    Untrustedlife Member

    "is losing fun?" <-- pretty important one obviously
    "What kind of eldritch horrors will I encounter that aren't fish people?"
    "can you rebel against the motherland?"
    "What does all this mean" <-- generalize the game here

  4. "What is the goal of Clockwork Empires?"
    "What genre is Clockwork Empires?"
    "What can I do in Clockwork Empires?"
    "Is there a tutorial?"
    "Is there a guide/wiki?"

    Bonus: "Why isn't the complex geological simulation more complex?"
  5. Wolg

    Wolg Member

    "Is there multiplayer and how does it work?"
  6. Kaidelong

    Kaidelong Member

    For a start, what genre is the game? Is it a city builder, a sandbox, an RTS?
    When do you expect to release it, and what do you expect the price will be?
    Will there be official mod support, how will it be extended by users?
    Do you have any DLC or expansion packs planned?
    Will there be diggles?
  7. Davud

    Davud Member

    How do I keep my people alive?
    How do I make my villagers do what I want?
    How do I build something?
    Where can I find food?
    How often do my people need water?
    Where is the motherland?
    Can I declare independence?
    How do I win?
    Will there be multi-player?
  8. SangerZonvolt

    SangerZonvolt Member

    WHat kidn of game is this?
    What other games is it comparable with?

    To give newcomers a general idea.
  9. Loerwyn

    Loerwyn Member

    1. O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?
    2. Does a fishperson by any other name smell as rancid?
    3. Will there be any Shakespeare references?
    4. Can I make my people perform plays?
    5. Which category does it fit into - Comedy, History, Tragedy?
    6. Will building dungeons cause people to dread more?
    7. Can we even build dungeons?
    8. Will this basically end up being Shakespeare meets Lovecraft?
    9. Who was Shakespeare?
    10. Who am I?
    11. Where am I?

    I was going to be serious but it's 7:25am.
  10. dbaumgart

    dbaumgart Art Director Staff Member

    This is great stuff, thx! Promised I'd get Derek a first pass of content for end of today, so ... doing that. But we can always add more answers later, so if anyone else has suggestions feel free to reply.
  11. Nettle Soup

    Nettle Soup Member

    Why are my buildings exploding oh god
    Where do I report bugs
    How much does it cost
    Is there DRM?
    Where are the save files located? Does it use Steam Cloud? Can I change the save location so that me and my five friends can all play it via dropbox?
    I swear I saw a mob but when I hit print-screen nothing came up in the screenshot am I going mad?
  12. Bernardo Orel

    Bernardo Orel Member

    "Is the game out yet?" :p

    And since I am Bad At Questions, I think FAQ should have these kinds of answers:
    - CE is a game about building and maintaining your colony
    - you don't control your colonists directly, you just give orders like "chop down this tree" or "build a workshop" (and somebody, sometimes, may or may not go and do it)
    - your colonists need to eat and sleep
    - you need to protect your colonists from dangerous wildlife
    - Eldritch Horrors from Beyond can (and will) threaten the existence of your colony and all that you hold dear
    - It is impossible to win the game, but there are more than a million ways to lose, have fun finding them all!
  13. Dienes

    Dienes Member

    Can it be modded?
    Will there be plush eldritch horrors?
    Will we next create false gods to rule over us? How proud we have become, and how blind.
    When will it be out? (haw)