What social interactions could be implemented to the game?

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    Just throwing some random thoughts here. The simulation of human characters in Clockwork Empires was what first captured my attention about the game when I read about it a couple of years ago, I've always wanted to see some sort of city building game that also gave some attention to the people that were living on it, and this game in my opinion did a great job at it.

    I'm really happy with the current state of relationships in the game and it's potential, but I also have some personal ideas of what I would like to see implemented in the game. For example, I think it would be cool to see some romance going on between the characters, I imagine as they are normally talking, if both have a good relationship already, hearts would show up in their speech bubbles, and a message would appear saying they are in love or something, and maybe they could even get married and move in together with some time given. I also would like to see more reasons for social gatherings between the characters, like drinking together in some bar/tavern structure where they would interact to each other with more frequency.

    I'm curious to know what ideas you guys have. What would you like to be implemented in the game regarding relationships and social interactions? (Note that this is not a request thread, just a place to throw your ideas and what you would personally like to see)
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  2. AFAIK, the limits of non professional interactions between colonists that are currently in place are: making friends/enemies, hugging, and punching each other:melee_power:. Focusing on marriage, we can now build a chapel and a vicar can potentially marry the couple. How will "marriage" be defined in the CE universe (i.e. F/M only or are F/F, M/M included as well as should we address if polygamy is allowed? Are colonists allowed to marry another colonist outside their social class? Can a colonist marry a fishperson? :resist_existential:) . We can possibly construct housing for the couple as well as furniture/fixtures for the couple (i.e. in all modules, there are things like double beds available). Certainly, there are many steps in between meeting/making friends through marriage. Additionally, if the marriage doesn't work out (i.e. immaturity, incompetence, unfaithfulness, etc.), do they resolve their differences, or part as friends, which spouse ends up with the property (i.e. double bed) or does the colonist feed his/her spouse to the deathwurms? So I eagerly anticipate how the creative and innovative CE devs would handle this challenge. While it is easy to say but implementing it is a different thing, and I can only hope that more complex relationship interactions are in the future for CE. :D
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    I completely agree with you! And fishperson mingling and moving with the colonists is something I would really be looking forward to, it was the first thing that came to my mind when I first encountered them.
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