What LPs are you watching at the moment?

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by OmniaNigrum, Mar 13, 2013.

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    I am always watching a Lets Play of games. I keep several bookmarked for days I get bored. I am curious if anyone else does this.

    The biggest gripe I have about most LPs is that it seems most people fall into one of two categories when making a LP. Either they are really, massively stupid and miss things that are obvious and simply cannot shut up and play the game without blabbing about idiotic junk that makes me want to watch CSPAN filibusters instead, or they are doing a speedrun and play so damned fast that you see nothing of the game but them showing you how much you would suck if you tried to play it on that level.

    The rare exceptions to these two categories are well worth sharing with others. They can be quite hard to find.

    I usually look for entire playlists first, but failing that I just link in the first of a LP and let the people find the rest under the authors name.

    Right now I am watching a very good LP that is more towards the idiot side, but he is pretty smart. (No offense to him, but it irritates me when I saw the first twenty episodes never picked up targets as he choked them.)

    The LP is Dishonored.

    (I hope this does not make a video in this post. I made the URL with the playlist in its entirety.)
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    I don't watch LPs very often, but I did watch one of Spec Ops: The Line about a month ago, and the guy was pretty much the least annoying I've seen. Doesn't talk over cutscenes or try to be funny (well, in that game it wouldn't have worked anyways).

    It's complete - here's the first episode
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    There are some good LPs from people just learning the game. I generally don't follow any of them for more than one or two episodes, but there was this Australian guy who did a nice LP for Rift way back when. And while he could be clueless at times, he had a sense of humor about it and enough enthusiasm that he made me always want to return to the game. I stopped following it long ago, after about 15+ episodes (probably more) but for anyone interested, here's the first episode. I actually wrote to him about mistakes that he made, and sometimes I would answer questions he had about the game and he seemed like a really nice guy. In retrospect, I should have been the guy doing the let's play. (He's a guardian, but let's try not to hold that against him lol)
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    I finished that LP of Dishonored, and even watched another. But as seems to always happen, I was getting quite pissed at the poor choices made by the players in those. (Poor to my choices.)

    I am now watching EDF 2017. I played this years ago, but my saves always died before I could finish a mission in the early teens. (I do not remember which one.) The game was terribly buggy and never ported to the PC. I loved the concept of the game. The main appeal was simply replaying the levels over and over to get good loot and eventually be potent enough to take on the hardest difficulties for even better loot.

    All the loot was fixed but random. Meaning you had some tiny chance of the best weapons dropping on even the lowest difficulty, but to really get the best stuff you absolutely had to play the missions over and over on the higher if not the highest difficulty.

    As a side note, I absolutely will watch the LPs linked in here, but I have not even glanced at them yet. (I know. I know...)

    I hear this has been ported to the Playstation Vita and patched to fix all the terrible bugs other than the insects you fight. (Yeah, inescapable pun there.) And if my memory serves me correctly, that system can be emulated. If so I may buy a copy once the price drops enough to bother. (I never play console games, but emulating the console is a compromise I can accept.)
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    I watch all of supergreatfriend's Let's Plays, he tends to play games which one may not have heard of or played which is something I appreciate. In the case of a newer game I'm actually interested in I'm likely to want to experience it for myself rather than watch a LP after all. If anyone hasn't watched the IllBleed playthrough I highly recommend watching it, it's... really something special.

    I follow ChipCheezum's LPs as well. He largely plays games that are a lot more fun to watch than actually experience, so I don't need to actually buy and play Cabella's Dangerous Hunts to enjoy it. :p

    I'm following Geop's Dark Souls let's play as well. DkS is a game that I was and still am to an extent way, way into and I love watching people go through it fresh. There have been some amazing moments in the run so far, though it is nearing completion. Just entering the DLC at the time of posting.
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    I am currently watching basically everything this guy makes LPs of. He is kinda crazy in a way, but I can tolerate him much more than so many other gamers.

    My biggest gripe is when he cannot see something directly in front of him because he is too busy paying attention to petty and trivial details of graphics and such. But no-one is perfect.
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    I spent the last few days watching this LP of Sleeping Dogs.

    In a way I can understand why some developers/publishers want there to be no LPs of their games. But this game requires twitch reactions that I freely admit I could never make. So I would never have bought it anyway.

    As with every other LP I ever saw, there were mistakes made that had me screaming at my monitor, but to his credit, the player is very good and there were far fewer mistakes than I expected.

    Youtube itself was giving me trouble pretty frequently while trying to watch these. So I abandoned watching them in the browser via the Flash plugin and saved the videos to watch once they completed. Some videos do this more than others. But it is a massive amount of data to download them all in 1920*1080 format. I actually expect Google will start offering "Premium access" at some point if this sort of thing continues. They have to make some money after all. (I estimate that I downloaded roughly 120GB of data counting failed downloads that had to be restarted. And yes, that is just one LP.)
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    I watched his Amnesia LP and it was really good. He really gets into it and is not annoying like 99% other people playing this.
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    I have just watched a few LPs of the beta and supposedly post-beta of Stardrive. It looks good, but has some things that made no sense to me.

    I may have to buy that game one day when it gets fixed and the price drops a bit.
  12. I find a lot of Something Awful Let's Plays are good. Speaking of which I've been reading a Dwarf Fortress succession LP every other week on there. It also happened to have Nicholas as an overseer for a year.


    As for watching LPs, I've been catching up on PlumpHelmetPunk's SpaceStation13 videos. I've tried that game a few times, but I could never get used to rubberbanding/laggy movement at all.
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