BETA 52 What is the trick to building a Metalworks ?

Discussion in 'Clockwork Empires General' started by Blyn, Jun 23, 2016.

  1. Blyn

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    i've tried 3 games, no one will build the stone smelter in the ceramics workshop, it just sits in the queue.
    do i need to research something? is there a module i need?

    my last game i couldn't even build an empty metalworks workshop! it's just unassigned.
  2. I've actually run into a lot of games where the ceramics workshop seems to not want to use any of the workbenches after a while.
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  3. Rentahamster

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    You might have a commodities mismatch. Make more stone and bricks just in case.

    You might be able to reset the modules by cancelling the order and then reinputting it. Or moving the module order around. Or switching from a minimum order to a set # order, or assigning a different workcrew to the ceramics workshop, or some combination of all of that.
  4. Alephred

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    No special materials required. Once you have the Ceramics Workshop up and running, you can build the stone smelting oven at the Ceramics Workbench (it must be a Ceramics Workbench, and not a regular Workbench).
  5. Blyn

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    This did the trick, thanks!
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  6. Blyn

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    but now same problem with brick ceramics kiln...

    bureaucracy simulator 2016!
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  7. mikail 001

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    Count the screens in which the worker have to walk from point a to b to c. And have a smaller building of each in a production chain pattern, producing needed goods for the next building to

    x mine ---> smith make ores --------> smith make parts ---------> smith make finished goods <-------- ceramics make parts and wood worker make planks
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  8. tojosan

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    agreed @mikail 001 , that approach is solid. I've taken to doing that with bricabrac. Have a shop just make planks. Have the other just make bricabrac. Fill in with whatever i turn bricabrac into.
  9. Tarod

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    I've had that on a few games, and it's not the stockpile mismatch.
  10. dbaumgart

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    We'll have a fixed commodity count patch out really soon.

    Are you using the "move module" command? It may lead to ... irregularities, so I'd avoid that for now. A proper module dismantling command that returns materials will go out with the next patch, so I'd recommend using that.

    Also, if any of this stuff comes up in 52A (which that hits), please let us know and - even better - upload a save file so we can see what's going wrong in your game!