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  1. Can someone please tell me what this expansion contains and give me basic tutorials on some of the new mechanics? I just bought it last night.
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    The most important thing added are Wizardlands, which are minilevels that can be accessed from the pocket dimension (which was also new when this expansion came out, but which I understand has been incorporated into the main game in a stripped-down form) once you find the proper codes (each code is usable only once, btw, unless you delete the game's cache of used codes) by exploring the normal levels. Also Diggle Hell, an extra large, extra difficult wizardland that can be accessed at any time by entering an invalid code into the wizardland portal.

    There are also some new character classes
    Wizard Classes include: Egyptian Magic, Magical Law, and Tourist (Though tourist doesn't actually have mana-based spells)
    Rogue Classes include: Bankster, and Paranormal Investigator
    Warrior Classes include: Communist

    There's also the standard assortment of new items
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    I also believe that encrusting was added with CotW. It's the lower tab on the crafting devices and it allows you to add (with some risk) additional enchantments to an item. The risk comes from instability. Every encrustment has an instability rating associated with it. I have a decent explanation of how that works here in a separate section.
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    You're right! I somehow forgot about that. That's as important an addition as the wizardlands.