What is a "Clockwork Knight"?

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    I would like to dedicate this post to extrapolating on what I think a Clockwork Knight should be in the Clockwork Empires canon/universe. I do not expect any of these suggestions to be part of the game, but only to open a dialogue for the benefit of Gaslamp staff and other players.

    Now that being said, when we think of a Clockwork Knight, we immediately think about a warrior class clad in steam-powered steel armor-- But I say that while all Clockwork Knights are clad in steam-powered armor, not all (wo)men in the Empire's military that wear steam-powered armor deserve the title of "Clockwork Knight". A working class foot soldier in giant metal armor suit does not a Clockwork Knight make.

    A Clockwork Knight is a true gentle(wo)man of the Empire, and is raised from the stock of the noble class. Clockwork Knights are typically the second and third sons/daughters of a noble family who otherwise do not have an ambition to inherit stewardship of a (probably grand) estate. The reason that nearly all Clockwork Knights descend from noble stock is not because the Knights require a title of Nobility, but rather because the Academy through which the Knights recruit from requires candidates who are at the peak of physical performance, martial prowess, and education in the sacred sciences of metallurgy and mechanical engineering as well as the more classical subjects like poetry, history, mathematics, geography, and composition. A candidate from the working or middle class simply does not have the riches required to gain the training and development necessary for success in her majesty's most prestigious fighting force.

    A candidate to the Clockwork Knight's Royal Academy is given a strict military education, on par with that of her majesty's royal officer corps: A continuation of all the subjects heretofore mentioned as well as an indoctrination into the three core values of the Clockwork Knights: Honor, Courage, and Civility. The expensive training involved in the cultivation of the Clockwork Knights means that successful candidates will be more disciplined on average with a high probability for developing personality traits conducive to service in an elite unit. (courage, discipline, martial expertise) This does not imply that cowards and their ilk could not be hiding among their ranks, masquerading as a Clockwork Knight, this is true-- but it is less likely because of the rigorous process involved.

    Not all personality traits common to the Knights are martial in nature. Clockwork Knights have a tendency to gravitate towards more prudish traits like temperance and civility, and are more likely to be offended by a lack of discipline, impropriety, and drunkenness. That is not to say that there will not be alcoholics among the knights, but that it is less likely an alcoholic would have finished training. At least-- most fresh clockwork knights hold these qualities. Veteran clockwork knights who have served in numerous campaigns are likely to develop a taste for drugs and alcohol depending on their length of combat duties. Some may become craven, others may lose interest in enforcing social conventions, while others still may hold on to their sanity, values, and integrity in the face of absolute madness. While many Clockwork Knights come out of the academy with similar qualities and characteristics, the experience of war and combat could break thier mold.

    Now when it comes to their use in combat, there are different types of clockwork knights, some specialize in heavy weapons and fighting on land, while others may serve in the zepplinborne brigade, while others still may serve as elite units on her majesty's surface navy. What makes a clockwork knight is not necessarily his/her choice of armaments, but the knowledge and training (s)he's picked up along the way.

    Hopefully this will help clear up any questions you have about Clockwork Knights.
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    So far we know of Clockwork Knights as titled individuals who have served in her majesty's military. There is, however, one other path by which one can become a Clockwork Knight, as it is also an honorary title granted to citizens for exemplary service in defense of the Empire. These honorary titles are given out on a case by case basis, and all are approved of by the her Majesty or Reagent in a formal ceremony. While graduating recruit candidates are knighted en masse by division, honorary titles are usually granted by the queen or reagent in person. A pompous affair whereby the receiver drops to his/her knee and is anointed by the Queen or reagent with a sacred anointing implement. The purpose of the honorary title does not make an individual an ad hoc addition to a fighting force, but rather is a formal recognition of a particular individuals achievements as on par with her majesty's greatest defenders. The administrator of an exceptionally productive war colony, an obscenely wealthy merchant, a scientist who discovers Mobile Warfare, or a Naturalist who cultivates the pine moss that turns out to be the cure for pandemic plague C, a magnanimous poet who catches the attention of the Queen-- all have their own ways to earn the "Clockwork Knight" title.
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    So basically a steampunk space marine aka wh40k :p instead of a zealous belief in the God-emperor in Mankind. It is a zealous belief in what is essentially British Virtues.. ;) Like Tea and Crumpets.

    More seriously though. Interesting write up.

    Though if I suppose that begs the Question what your average Chap in Steampowered Armour is. Or Mid-class fellow. Stormtroopers ? Steam-Grenadiers ?
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    This is a visual approximation of a Zeppelinborne Brigadier, if the administrator of a colony attains enough prestige, (s)he may order a cadre of these Clockwork Knights to strike any location designated. Within a few moments the Zeppelin arrives to drop it's payload. Zepplinborne Brigadiers are trained to make tropospheric drops directly into enemy territory. They are also capable of traversing mountainous or rocky terrain by performing "rocket jumps", which utilize steam propulsion and explosives to move at break speeds. While this is not true flight, like a dirigible, Zeppelinborne Brigadiers are the most mobile heavy infantry in her Majesty's service. [​IMG]