What happens to the bureaucrat when the colony falls?

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  1. I remember in a post many months ago you mentioned that you're trying to decide what happens to the bureaucrat when the colony falls. I was wondering if you decided that yet and are able to share any information about it? Is he immortal? Does his death reset your progress like a rougelike? Is he not a physical citizen on the map?
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    I'm pretty sure that the Bureaucrat is you, the player (or at least your little avatar) and several stories and posts have mentioned the Emergency Bureaucrat Escape Zeppelin.

    So I'm pretty sure your little Bureaucrat survives the horrors and keeps on starting new colonies to die. But I could be completely wrong, so let's see if the devs will grant us an answer :D
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  3. Should we start a chant?
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  4. EleSigma

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    Didn't they say somewhere that the bureaucrat can die, it's just extremely unlikely (due to the aforementioned escape Zeppelin). I guess you would have to order your bureaucrat to suicide run into whatever disaster that is going on or something to kill him off. But if he dies you probably just get a new one with a clean slate and no achievements.
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    The Queen doesn't allow for deaths, don't be silly
  6. "The forum-goers whisper Quag'garoth"
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