What games are you playing and why?

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    Picked up Ocarina of Time 3D since my friend was kind enough to lend it to me. I tried playing it on the 64 last year but eventually burned out since my stick was so loose.

    Gotta say I'm enjoying it a bit more on 3DS. The palette may suit the game better in its original form, but the 3D effects really add a whole new dimension to it (hurr sorry). It's amazing how well it holds up for a 14 year old game. I'm starting to see why people cite it as one of the best....Even if LoZ isn't my favourite series, its credit isn't unwarranted.
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    Okay then. I will keep that in mind for when I play Borderlands again.
    Which may be sometime in the distant future. :)
    I just get busy with so many things sometimes.
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    By the time I was level 15 in Borderlands (playing Siren) all of the guns felt extremely samey, by level 30 I was completely bored of the game.

    (s) marks that the game features sexual content, be advised, your genitalia certainly are.

    Anyway, Games I'm playing Free Edition:*
    Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle (s)
    In which you experience the consequences of roleplaying adventuring parties being successful and a mind-bending 8bit journey filled with inexplicable lesbian romance.

    Dark Signs
    In which you are given a text-based terminal. Hack stuff.
    comparable game: Hack The Game

    Warning Forever
    just google it
    In which you are subjected to a bullet-hell that evolves and tailors itself to kill YOU specifically, with ever-increasingly complex and powerful bosses.

    Slave Maker (S)
    tvtropes is a good source
    In which you do as the title says, only with sex slaves. It's a pastiche of the Princess Maker games (which were just as if not more troubling in terms of content). Slave Maker is a time management sim, actually. You engage in events and activities throughout the day (sex being a major part, but you still need to work for a living), etc. Recently, the dev has created two male slaves to iron out the problems with the game's gender system, and pave the way for people to mod in their own male slaves.

    Super Monday Night Combat
    In which you play a moba that is also a third person shooter that is also a dystopian blood sport. It's hard. The tutorial is bad. Go watch WTF Is. . . Super MNC on Youtube to get a better handle on what the hell you're supposed to do in this game.

    Games I've finished but are also awesome and free:

    Digital: A Love Story and Don't Take It Personally Babe, It Just Ain't Your Story
    Visual novels by Christine Love. Complicated and cool takes on the genre, using interface to further story.

    Katawa Shoujo (s) (removable)
    A deconstruction of the standard romance/h- visual novel, and a deconstruction of romance in general. Compelling, and prone to making you think of yourself as a bad person.

    Time Fcuk
    An old game from the creator of Binding of Isaac, Super Meat Boy, etc. If you've played those you know what to expect: Bizarre creepy plot, hard as hell, surprisingly enjoyable.

    *I didn't bother fixing up the links in most cases, deal with it.
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    ^ Katawa Shoujo was really interesting. I was hesitant to play a game from a genre that rewards the player with a pornographic image, but the general premise was just so...different? I never got around to finishing it though, I felt it was a tad slow, but it's on my to-finish list :)
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    Shaxarox, I don't think this isn't quite the forum to discuss some of those games....:eek:
    I'm reminded of a certain outtake from Wheel of Fortune. "A group of pill pushers?" "This is Wheel of Fortune, Joe!? This is a family show!"

    I'm not one to complain, seriously, that would be so hypocritical, it's not even funny, I'm simply saying, being too honest is not always the best thing. :)
    I'd get banned if I was too honest about the things I like.
    Let alone the games I've played. :)
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    Well, about "Slave Maker" I do agree. And maybe about Katawa Shoujo too, but I don't think anyone who would try to read it for the "scenes" would actually have enough patience to get to them. And the rest of them are fine, though; EoWC isn't really graphic when it comes to such scenes, even though it's marked as "mature" on his list.
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    Ah. Okay.
    It's just usually when someone mentions mature games like that, it's usually on a special forum for those types of games. ;)
    I was a bit surprised to see someone just flat out show that he plays games like that on a normal forum.
    Nothing wrong with being honest, but sometimes, there gets to be a point where honesty might get you in trouble.

    Also, this does sound like the most awesome game ever made, but maybe I'm a bit biased by being a Cliche.:p And a Yuri/femslash fanfic writer of about 400* stories over 10 years. :) Perhaps again, that's being too honest.

    *Not many are completed, not are all of them slashy.
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    It's fun to play if you like games made in RPG Maker and have enough patience to stop and think "hmm, what am I supposed to do now..." sometimes.

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    I just finished playing STALKER: Call of Pripyat last night after picking it up during the steam summer sale. Great game despite its clunkiness, possibly my favorite post-apocalypse-semiRPG-FPS - certainly I enjoyed it more than FO3 / New Vegas. I wonder if there's anything else like this out there.
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    These words are blasphemy, blasphemy! :)
    No, really, you liked it more than Fallout 3/New Vegas? I am sad now. :(

    So, kind of like Cthulu Saves the world, but lower budget, and without Cthulu, but with more lesbians. :p
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    I loved Fallout 3 (not so crazy about Fallout New Vegas though). I also tried Stalker, and couldn't get through more than an hour or so of playing it before I decided it wasn't worth the effort.

    I spent several hours in Fallout: New Vegas, kind of liking it simply because it was similar to Fallout 3 and that style of game. (I'm a sucker for open-world, immersive crpgs). The problem was when I actually got to New Vegas and had to decide on picking from various courses of action involving the factions on the strip, I basically said to myself 'they should all go to hell' and put down my keyboard, exited the game and never looked back. I also had terrible times with bugs that, combined with the story that had no soul, gave me no reason to continue simply because 'it was Fallout'. Because unlike previous games, there was not enough there to convince me to continue to swim upstream against the constant problems.

    On the other hand, I LOVED the new direction that Fallout 3 took with a more urban environment, having spent some time in the D.C. area (have relatives in Maryland, love D.C., grew up in and around an urban area (NYC and its suburbs). So I loved crawling around the subways.
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    I think I ultimately enjoyed Fallout 3 more, but Fallout: NV was good in its own right.

    My problem with NV was, aside from all the brown, a complete lack of near end-game balance (those damn Legion assassin groups were flipping hard to kill) and a number of bugs, was just a bit boring. The world was almost too big and too awkward to get around, and I think Obsidian's love for adding tonnes of new stuff just complicated things unnecessarily. If, like me, you didn't play on hardcore and stuff, it meant at times (after looting) you were walking around with about 30 types of ammo, were carrying four variations of rifle, 6 different pistols and 20k units of lead.

    It just seemed like Obsidian threw all these things in for the sake of it, rather than to improve the game. They also didn't improve the UI to compensate, which meant the inventory management mini-game was a horrible, horrible thing to play.

    Fallout 3 was simpler, cleaner and more effective, IMHO. Aside from how horrible the city was to navigate, of course.
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    Seems I'm more like MOOMANiBE. I thought Stalker was fantastic (only played the original), but Fallout 3 was not my thing. I felt it tried to be too much of a shooter, and too much of an RPG at one time, resulting in something that wasn't as good as either. It had the option to go exploring for things, but the items felt largely the same. There wasn't a chance of finding something with +5 in a stat, or with an added effect. That made me feel like exploring only gave me money to buy more of the same.

    It was a great world, and I understand why people enjoy it. Just my preference. (or maybe I just overdosed on Oblivion - the two feel extremely similar due to sharing engines *shrug*)

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    I think for me it's a combination of tone (I was never hugely in love with the faux-retro thing Fallout3+ has going on, but enjoy Stalker's very mercenary world) and gameplay preference (In that STALKER has compact and populated maps vs fallout's large and empty-feeling world). I'd play an entire game just about hunting down artifacts from inside anomalies, frankly, that stuff was damn fun.
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    I didn't think Fallout 3 was anything like a shooter, which is kind of why I liked it (I've never seen a shooter that could hold my attention for more than a few minutes at a time. It also doesn't help that my eyes are very slow to focus, so any fast action games are problematic for me anyway. I've always preferred turn-based games in any case, having grown up playing chess and multi-player board games)

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    Have you played the original fallout 1/2? Those sound like they'd be more your thing, if anything.
  17. Haldurson

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    Yes, I've played both games more than once to completion when they first came out. I loved them way back when. I also picked up the boxed combo set a couple of years ago (includes both of those, plus Fallout Tactics). Movement in it, though, seemed just so painfully slow (I think I've become incredibly spoiled lol). I've also enjoyed all of the main-series Elder Scrolls games (Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, etc.). I tried running Daggerfall or Arena (don't recall which one) on my modern PC, and the controls acted kind of wonky to the point where it was nearly unplayable. I just couldn't get the mouse sensitivity to function in a livable way.
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    Morrowind is proof of how NOT to do an RPG.

    The combat system in it is so horrifically bad it's unbelievable.
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    On the contrary! Morrowind is the finest RPG I've ever played.

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    Despite the horrifyingly bad combat system, I loved its incredibly open ended crafting - something the newer games lack due to bethesda's fear of letting the player ever get anything unbalanced. If I want to make my armor set me on fire all the time, damn well let me do it! >:|
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    Yes, it was not really good.
    The rest, though, was very cool.
    (And most bugs were Good Bad Bugs ;))
    I really loved enchanting, even though that was broken for certain options, like being completely invisible (to NPCs, I could see myself almost like I had none) with 5% chameleon enchants ;)
    Also, just going through the world was tons of fun, visiting new places and triggering events you did not even know of.