What do you put on the anvil?

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    (let's get back on topic if there's still something to say about it) :)
  2. Fedora. Until it fills up and I can't read the numbers.
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    A disciple of FAX, I see.
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    After seeing the hat, I too have converted to Maslechianism.
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    I started doing the same some time ago. Today, I failed so hard that I had to give up my precious fedora, and started again with a Toque of Canada. But if it's not a Fedora, it is not the same. Another time, maybe.
  6. For the early game I understand that the Fedora is really good, but why not swap it out for something that could provide more in the long run such as the Aluminum helm, Plague Doctor's mask, Vampire hunter's hat, Crown of yellow, etc.? Is there something the Fedora does that I don't know about?
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    It looks frickin' cool. You start out with it, guaranteed, if you take Archaeology. To get your hands on an aluminum helm requires either aluminum ingots and 4:smithing: or damn good luck and money. Plague mask requires even MORE luck to find, can't be crafted, and is MORE expensive. Crown of Yellow, same story, and the Vamp hunter hat too. Stuff ain't easy to find, you take what you get and make the most out of it. Fedora's bonuses are sweet and if you keep getting lucky with the Krongings it turns into a Maslechian masterpiece. If you HAPPEN to get another, nicer hat, great. Go for it. Have fun. But the Fedora is a sure thing if you have that wonderful skill.
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    You tempt me to fire up Blood Knight and try to get a Maslech-esque Garnet Circlet.
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    It is a fedora. Your argument is invalid.

    No, seriously. Tycho is right. You have it from the beginning, so you don't have to worry about finding it (or another piece of head gear). Also, its stats are great for a level 1 character, and if you have luck with the krongings, you could potentially end with a hat which is better than the Crown of Yellow or the Plague Doctor's Mask by the time you find them.
    Once again, the problem is having luck with the krongings.
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    It's just an attempt to recreate the FaxHat.

    But it is in vain, for there is only one true Maslech, Eater of our Beatings.
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    If I start with Archaeology, the fedora. If not, I Krong up something that can be easily replaced or wont be missed, in case Krong woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
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    I actually tried. Sadly, the curses were all on melee-important stats and the buffs were all Haywire, Wand Lore, etc. The odds just favor losing in the long run if you play with Krong at the moment, sadly.
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    i put my best weapon, if he gets displeased by me, screw him. i force-terminate the game and load, try again. cheating like that sure rox:D
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    Cheaters always win. Honest cheaters cannot brag, but they have their fun.

    (On a side note, care to guess how fast a cheater dies on a trap on DL14-15 with over 200 Magic Power?)

    The debug console tells me how bad the damage is, but I can scarcely believe it. :)