What do you put on the anvil?

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  1. Sorry, I didn't realize I could have edited my previous message.
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    Personally, due to the very nature of the genre, savescumming feels like it inherently cheapens the experience to me.

    That said, people can play however they want, it's not affecting my experience.

    Now let's carefully back away from the topic of killing Izchak before the thread bursts into flames.
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  3. Whose Izchak and how does one acquire the option of ending his life?
  4. Kazeto

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    It's a shopkeeper in Nethack, named in memory of one of the Nethack devs who isn't exactly alive right now.
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    Some consider it very poor etiquette to kill him - and some don't.

    Some people feel very strongly about it.
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    Anyways, back on topic - anyone know if Kronging an arti (say, Poncho With No Name) so that it acquires a special name and such makes it more susceptible to corruption? I'm slightly confused as to whether "unnamed" artis can be corrupted at all, or not.
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    The name has absolutely no effect on its corruption or curses.
  8. Are some artifacts unkrongable?
  9. Essence

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    TTOBMK the only unkrongable object in the game is the Helm of Threepwood because of a bug.
  10. To The ... Orange? ... Best of My Knowledge?
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    I failed to Krong one sparkling glove once. I put it on anvil and immediately receive "sits here testament of your poor crafting ability" message.
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    "Don't Mind Me, I'm Just An Idiot". ;)
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    I still don't get what the O stands for in TTOBMK... :(
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    Probably "oops". :p
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    Neither do I, kino, but I guess it's "Orange" like RHM proposed.
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    It's a mistype. It's supposed to be TTBOMK, and the 'of' isn't understood, but explicit. That's all.
  19. These things are so much more fun to speculate on than to google.

    Don't Make Me Ice Jump At (your) Innards!
    I Don't Even Know Why You Are Trying To Read Wit Dat Ass!
    Caps Was Please Saying To Lie Turgidly? (I've got no bloody idea on this one)

    I do like TTBOMK though. I can just read it "phonetically"ish in my head.
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    Hush, essence. You're wrecking our fun.

    I know it was supposed to be "To The Best Of My Knowledge" (though it should be TtBoMK, but who am I to correct something like that when it's already become well-known).
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