What do you put on the anvil?

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  1. As far as I know, it's been like that for a WHILE.
  2. Lorrelian

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    On the other hand, I always thought it was higher, closer to 50/50. At least, Krong really hated my stuff when I first started playing the game.
  3. Loswaith

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    If I am remembering right its:
    5/7 for 1-3 points of bonuses
    2/7 for 2-5 points of penalities (not certain on this range, I typically get 3 or 4 negatives)
  4. Sniktch

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    Which, interestingly, means that the FaxHat is a severe positive outlier - on average, the minuses will either equal or overwhelm the buffs from Krongs. And I've seen lots of +1s, a tiny handful of +2s, but never a +3 except on the first Kronging of a Fedora. And when I get neg'd, it always seems to be a -4. So on average, you're gonna get a +5 for every -8.

    Which means the Krong formula needs adjusted, as it's almost always a net negative at the stated numbers - can we get a dev to confirm?
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    a -4, I am more used to getting -2 or 3 which is already quite mean.
    I dont know if its krong that needs to be adjusted or the chest of evil that are too powerful compared. makes no sense to krong a weapon.
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    I take it you'v never gotten a THAUMITE RAILGUN CROSSBOW?

    Oh, you meant weapons other than crossbows? Well, sometimes you can get procs on them too, but yeah, I pretty much agree. Hence the forging of one ring.
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    Well even crossbow, i can do it but usually only once per game. You can get bolter crossbow in evil chests.

    I usually go with a safe strategy. Have 2 or 3 rings almost as good, select one that i like the best and krong it 2 or 3 times. Same with amulets. In my current game im trying the FAXHAT method. It is currently failing miserably.
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    Ruminating upon personal experimentation with Kronging, I have come to the conclusion that the best use of the anvils is enchanting cookie-cutter crafted rings (electrum seems to give the most exp) for the purpose of using It Belongs In A Museum. Solid 600 exp (barring a curse) and you can sell it at least for 100 zorkmids. /shrug

    This assumes you have Smithing at 2 and Archaeology at 2 obviously.
  9. Why not save + quit and then filter through Krong upgrades with more powerful items until a worthwhile upgrade shows up?
  10. The current item I'm Kronging is a plastic ring artifact. It simply is a +3 mana regen to start building off of.
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    Because most of us want a "legitimate" save - we're playing on permadeath because we don't want to abuse the RNG for mercy.
  12. It is possible to save and quit on a permadeath game so that one does not have to do as you call it, a legitimate run in one sitting and can instead resume on another occasion. On permadeath however, if a character dies, the save is automatically erased.
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    legitimate means they want to play on permadeath for a reason. You act like people do a legitimate run because they're forced to. Everyone wants to not exploit the saving mechanics because it ruins the fun. And nobody likes a save scummer.
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    I think neither Kazeto nor I understood what you meant in your previous post, Dominic, since I'm sure Kazeto knows well what PD is :p . I thought you meant saving before kronging,but since you're talking about PD, I'm crearly wrong. What do you mean with "filter through Krong updates"? I don't get it, sorry :oops:
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    save scumming is bad, mmkay?

    seriously, there's a special place in Gehennom for save scummers
    a couple floors down from the reroll scummers and a floor up from the people who kill Izchak
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    I typically Anvil my weapons unless I have only one really good one. By floor 5 I usually have at least two or three good weapons, so one getting a bad Krong isn't a big deal.
  17. Well while I understand that yes, save scumming is looked down upon, I have no direct obligations to any of the community members other than those listed in the terms and conditions so you're really wasting your time doing this. Go out and enjoy the game how you want to so that you can have a fun experience in the Dungeons of Dredmor.
  18. It means you save and then use the anvil of krong or open a bookshelf, quitting when you receive a downgrade or a useless upgrade or also with the recipe bug, have a means of preventing a crash that would erase your game.
  19. Again, you can save and quit on permadeath.
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    Please don't double-post, Dominic Ragone. You can edit your posts if you intend to reply to two or more messages (double-posting is one of the banes of internet forums), or simply begin writing two messages and then copy-paste the content of one of them into the other, which will be the only one to be submitted.

    And on the "to save-scum or not to" issue, I'll tell you this. Many of us had already gotten through the game, and we don't have an irresistible urge to win no matter what. If we lose, we just try again. If we get a crippling enchant, we just find another item. And we try to keep our character "legitimate" (as in, one that didn't get any bonuses he was not supposed to). If you want to save-scum then it's up to you, but please don't write about it on the forum, especially not as a suggestion of a solution to any problem in the game other than "random crashing" (in which case it's not as much save-scumming as simply loading the last save you have), because the only thing you'll achieve is pulling the wrath of people who despise such tactics on yourself.
    It is, after all, a form of cheating, even if not the worst one, and thus it's not something suited as a suggestion to masses.
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