What are your favorite games of all time?

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  1. jadkni

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    TLJ/Dreamfall is probably my favorite game from a plot standpoint. Dreamfall is a bit confused in terms of gameplay and it's hard to praise traditional adventure games for their gameplay, but the story is amazing.

    And we'd better see Dreamfall: Chronicles some time soon! :mad:
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    TLJ was amazing, I bought Dreamfall a while ago but haven't gotten around to playing it.
  3. Essence

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    Tactics Arena Online, at least until the pay-once-get-advanced-units-for-life server died.
    Elements: The Game.

    Final Fantasy Tactics. Compleat No-Brainer.
    Brigandine. Surprising depth of play for a one-off from Atlus.

    DoD. That's why I'm here.
    Pinball. Yeah, the crappy 3d pinball that comes with Windows XP. Screw you.

    Betrayal at House On The Hill. Best. Game. Evar.
    Roborally, but only drunk and with a bunch of utter nerds.

    Magic. Duh.
    Pokemon. Yes, I said it. Screw you.

    Seven Minutes in Heaven
    D&D 3.14159. I made it up. It's better than your homebrew. Screw you.
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  4. Haldurson

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    Robo Rally is a cool game, though I'd find it hard to play it while not sober. Then again, I rarely drink anymore anyway (it doesn't go good with my prescribed meds). Even sober, I have a rotten sense of direction. (Heck, following directions to my aunt's house once, I wound up in the wrong burrough of NYC).
  5. TheKirkUnited

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    Console games: Crono Trigger, FF Tactics, FF 3/6 in that order.
  6. mining

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    Essence: Freaking love Betrayal On House of the Hill.
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  7. klaymen_sk

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    Althea mentioned King's Bounty in the LoG thread and that reminded me of those new KB games (Legends, Armoured Princess and Crossworlds) and the large amount of time I spent with them.

    HoMM-ish combat, real-time movement and Diablo 2-ish character development, I like it. The only problem is that the games' difficulty raises high after a certain point, but that is probably because I suck. :)
  8. OmniaNigrum

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    :) I like your attitude. Like what you like at to bloody hell with anyone else!

    Who does not like D&D? (Anyone who does not need not reply. We do not serve *Your Kind* here...)
  9. TheKirkUnited

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    D&D is a ton of fun. I've got a biweekly Pathfinder game with some friends of mine. Strange Shenanigans occur on a regular basis, and much fun is had by all. Except, maybe the GM sometimes...
  10. Tycho

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    Screwing with GMs is the whole point, from what I am led to believe. (See: Immovable Rod fiasco thread from... 4chan I think)

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  12. Loswaith

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    Cant say I care for D&D anymore, even though I played it for many years (I'm not asking to be served either :p), though I will play d20 if it is Monte Cook's: Arcana Unearthed. Typically for PRGs I'm into better systems/settings however.

    UT was a fun game (for a deathmatch game), though I still prefer the original Unreal.

    Digital Games: Still got the most enjoyment out of the Thief series and System Shock 2, so likely those are up there. Bastion (for something more recent) is something I came out thorougly enjoying as well. So would definatly be in my top 10 games.
    Likely my top 10 being (not in any real order)
    Thief series
    System Shock 2
    Hexen 1 & 2
    Planescape: Torment
    The Elder Scrolls series
    Guild Wars
    Disciples 1 & 2
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  13. Loerwyn

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    Yeah, they're pretty good. I've really only ever put time into Armored Princess (I own two copies of each, oddly), and they're pretty good, especially when you consider "what" they are, i.e. translated medium budget Russian games.

    As for the difficulty - it's a little inconsistent, yeah. It's not helped by the rather poor handling of spare troops, though.
  14. Haldurson

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    I've played D&D and some other paper and pencil rpgs. I started with D&D (1st edition) but fell out of 'like' with it by second edition. Favorite RPG was Paranoia -- it managed to get rid of almost everything that annoyed me about other rules sets. Also, I played some Fantasy Trip (Steve Jackson's precursor to GURPS) and thought that that was actually the path that rpg rules ought to follow (#1 rule was simplicity and very little actual knowledge was required to play -- not like D&D which seemed to require the equivalent to a college education, and one additional year of study for each successive version number). Role playing is fun. Reading rule books is the opposite of fun (except for Paranoia, which is hilarious to read).

    ironically, the best fantasy rpg rules I've ever read (that is, actually fascinating to read) were those for Chivalry and Sorcery, because they were historical in nature, and even the magic system was based on actual historical texts about alchemy, sympathetic magic, cabalism, numerology, witchcraft, and so on. Of course, the rules were totally unplayable. But still, well worth reading simply for the historical research that went into them. Plus it never felt as arbitrary as most magic systems,

    In any case, the reason why I feel that Paranoia was the best rpg rules ever was that A) it was science fiction/satire, as opposed to fantasy, and B) it was the gamesmaster's job to literally torture, and kill off the players, and/or get the players to kill each other, or at least, betray each other at every turn. (It wasn't called Paranoia for nothin'). Also, the general principal of the game was that the players were NOT permitted to know the rules (or, at least, to pretend to not know the rules), and displaying any actual knowledge of the rules could get you killed. Thus, there was literally, minimal game system separating the players from actually playing the game. I always have believed that that was Steve Jackson's goal with Fantasy Trip, but Paranoia was much better at achieving that goal. Why RPGs ended up going in the total opposite direction, I feel had a lot to do with money (a stripped down game system could never last, because of the temptation to have a new edition every few years).
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    Well, yes. Only completing of primary quests replentishes the numbers of purchasable troops. At least some of them become unlimited after some time.
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    He is SO going to be crying on his next step.
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    KB doesn't replenish troops, AFAIK. If it did I never noticed.
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    @haldurson I ve always wanted to play Paranoia, because its such a hilarious concept. However the game was almost impossible to find...