What are all the things that dig/break walls?

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  1. NaiDriftlin

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    I'm not entirely new to the game, but I've never been beyond level 9 until today. I keep seeing things about Diggle Gods and buffs, and them being hidden behind walls.

    What all can break weakened walls, or dig through the dungeons? I know Golemancy can tear through the dungeon, and the werediggle can also burrow, but I didn't pick either of those abilities. :(
  2. Marak

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    Anything that deals Area of Effect damage, basically.

    Any type of thrown Bomb weapon (Makeshift Bomb, Concussive Bomb, etc).
    Any AoE spell (Obvious Fireball, Turn Demon, Psychokinetic Shove, My Chemical Explosion, etc).

    Not sure if something like Norwegian Axenado (or the other Activated Weapon Skills) would work, but it stands to reason that they would if you "aimed" them into the wall you're trying to break.
  3. NaiDriftlin

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    Oh. And here I am stressing that I won't be able to break the walls. Thanks for the help.
  4. Marak

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    The only way you'd be unable to break walls is if you're playing a pure Melee build with no Magic skill trees and you absolutely refuse to pick up or buy the occasional bomb item.

    So yeah, pretty much anyone can break walls - it's mostly just a matter of learning where to look.
  5. NaiDriftlin

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    Any tips in that regard? I thought they'd be obvious cracks in the wall, or the like.
  6. Kazeto

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    You just have to learn where to look. The way to start is to explore the whole map, and then try areas that seem "suspicious" (meaning there's enough space for a room to be there, for example).
  7. NaiDriftlin

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    Thanks a bunch.

    Also, If you happen to know about it, do you know if Perception has the Lucky/Luckier/Luckiest attributes yet, or are those changes coming later? It doesn't mention it in the tooltips at all, but it's in the wiki.

    I get to reroll, since I died. :D
  8. Marak

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    A room with a solid "core" in the center of it is another one. Hint: said core isn't always solid.
  9. Loerwyn

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    Actually, and I learned this from other posters, if you have the Mace skill tree (useful if you're melée) then Ragnar's Whatever skill is quite useful for it. 13 turn cool down so just hit space repeatedly and you'll do it in no time.
  10. Ruigi

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    any item can produces an aoe damage effect can break destructable walls. Knockback effects are even better because they can move walls. Good examples include concussion bomts, demonologist turn demon, norwegian axenado, frag bomb, ragnar's meteor, etc. literally anything that deals damage that produces an damaging AOE that can touch a wall.

    Digging ray and bolt of mass destruction can destroy any wall.
  11. Shadowplay

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    You would be able to break walls regardless of your build almost - even a pure melee can always do so since all weapon skills, barring throwing and crossbows, have AOE spells - hell, even Shieldbearer has an AOE skill - and they are all based on cooldowns rather than mana.

    Swords have a straight line in front of you, axes and unarmed have a circle around you, maces, shields and staves have a 3×2 area in front of you.
  12. Essence

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    They're part of the current beta (look up the IRC channel), and they'll go live on June 5th (apparently). If you like them, you're welcome. :cool:
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  13. Shadowplay

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    That post makes me want to join in on the beta so badly - sadly Im already in the internal beta in another major upcoming game so Im not sure I would bother doing, what is essentially, double work :p
  14. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    (You don't have to actually, you know, test stuff in the beta. Grab it, play it knowing it might be wonky, and enjoy it!)
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