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Discussion in 'Clockwork Empires General' started by MOOMANiBE, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Wootah

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    Sure, but as the internet has taught us, some jokes can take grip and gain a life of their own. Much of the meme content out there originated with some joke.
  2. Kamisma

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    Well there is still the possibility that our fellow brows lurking in the depths of this forum start casually call each other brows, and that a home-browed subculture start to develop among the brows.

    Why not ?

    May be the cult of the Brow will be featured as a devious opponent to the holy cog ?

    May be poets will be the only ones with brows (although I personally think brows are too cool for poets).

    There is an infinity of browsibilities that can come out of this joke.
  3. tcjsavannah

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    I, for one, welcome our Cthulhu-loving Clockwork Empire overlords.
  4. eskr

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    Shouldn't that be "teeth", rather than "spokes"?
    Or are we not even a part of a cog? We're just struts in some wheel; driven hard into the dirt and earth by the weight of heavnly machinery?
    Huh, Church of the Holy Cog is a Lovecraftian front.
    Figures. Nice imagery at least.
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  5. Lurker

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    I'm super excited for this game. I'm so happy that you guys are taking on this sub-genre of god games/city-builder.

    Is there a release date goal that they are looking to hit?
  6. Loerwyn

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    Late-2013 is what was thrown around the chat last night.
  7. Blue

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    Exactly! In my book this means quizzical, coffee-induced and borderline nonsensical, precisely why I'd like specifics.
  8. Also mentioned earlier in the thread:
  9. omeg

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    Nothing goes as planned in software development. Unless you happen to make a deal with an Elder God or something.
  10. Wootah

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    did they say how the beta is going to be handled? I guess it is so far out that it doesn't matter.
    I hope they release content/feature previews regularly.... communication on the weblog has sometimes been... spotty.
    But don't take that as a complaint. I appreciate that the CEO, project manager, and head programmer all visit the forums regularly and communicate with the die-hard fans at all.
  11. Considering the game, deals with Elder Gods may not entirely be out of the question... :p
  12. OmniaNigrum

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    Selling urchins to Elder Gods as a food source and/or building material could work out perfectly. :D
  13. Verendus

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    This is a church of the holy cog. It is surrounded with a black, wicked-looking wrought-urchin fence. The walkway is paved with urchins. The door is made of heavy urchins and covered in urchin plates. The bricks are solidly-made urchins, and held together with crumbly urchin mortar. The stained-urchin windows depict images from the history of the Empire. They are lined in urchins. The roof features several gables, and is shingled with urchins who have shingles. There is a tall tower topped with a fine urchin bell which calls out when the urchins may take breaks from their work. The bell does not ring.

    Inside, a chipped-urchin mosaic lords over the many polished urchin pews. The floor is tiled with urchins. The altar is urchins. Urchin-wax candles burn atop urchin candelabras. The many gargoyles are of urchin construction. Fine urchin filigree gives the building a sense of regality.
  14. OmniaNigrum

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    Wow. I am drunk of my ass on port, but I cannot begin to type this sort of thing. The only time I was banned here was due to a post I made and deleted before anyone saw it. I was drunk then too.

    Port is good, but too sweet for my tastes. I should stick to Vodka. Or better, Everclear. (Everclear is called that because it is as close to 100% alcohol as can be made within a sealed unit. It is usually sold as 190 proof. Meaning 95% alcohol. Opening the bottle introduces an exit for alcohol and an entrance of other elements. Usually in minutes it degrades to 90% or so.)

    In truth, I hate drinking. But I do get bored at times. And an induction of distilled water helps the recovery. Vitamins and salt and other things must be taken to recover. (Not *Must* but it helps. Your body needs many things to operate. Salt is one such thing. So is iodine, and a number of others. A single "Multivitamin" contains more than enough for a damnable binge on booze.)

    I should make a Booze thread when I recover. (12-16 hours is my guess.)

    We can chat about what exactly is needed if I am not banned for this thread. But I have read it several times and other than looking down on drinking, I see nothing to object to. Good night everyone.

    *Edit* Just woke up and drank some water. Much better. I admit I get bored, but I am not a Wizard, and should avoid that mess.
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    Booze Gone Wrong.png
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  16. Kamisma

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    What's wrong with using urchins as a building material ?

    It might be not the most convenient think, but it's not morally wrong :

  17. OmniaNigrum

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    Pffft. Sea Urchin do not suffer enough to satisfy Elder Gods.

    You need real sentient mortal blood as the basis of everything.
  18. Kamisma

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    Who said sea urchins were not sentient ?
  19. Kazeto

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    Well, substitute "urchins" with "orphans" for decreased political correctness and you'll have your answer.

    But then again, it's not like orphans weren't being overworked to death in real life equivalent of the time period present in the game, so...
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  20. klaymen_sk

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    But don't expect so much intelligence and knowledge from people who would get offended by such things.

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