Weird things that should be in CE

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  1. Createx

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    Or them turning into zombies when you photograph them. Because, you know, you did take away their soul.
    And add a lactose-intolerant mountain!
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  2. Giygas

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    Making "shoving powdered aluminum up your nostrils" a hobby for colonists and give powdered aluminum a dedicated industry.
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    But sometimes, the aluminium gets contaminated with other white powders and things happen.
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    If citizens lose an arm or leg, they should be able to get clockwork replacements provided there's an appropriate building in the settlement! Chainsaw arms for the overenthusiastic lumberman! Rocket legs for the explorer who cant explore enough! Chest cannons for the dutiful soldier! Spring loaded scalpels for the insane doctors!
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    And zombie hunters... and sea captains...
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    Extremely wealthy people should be able to wear hats on their hats.
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