Weird things that should be in CE

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  1. omeg

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    \o First poster representing.
    So, what would you like to see in your glorious Clockwork Empire?
    • Transfrobulators
    • Steam-powered analytical engines available to build (anyone read The Difference Engine?)
    • Ability to cross-breed Diggles and Beings From Out There
  2. Aegho

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    I'm thinking dirty sweaty guys in coveralls.
  3. Kazeto

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    Steam Tesla reactors. Because that sounds funky.
  4. Movra

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    A certain faux-heritage steam clock.
  5. Catbread

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    Audio-conveyance machines which allow users to communicate across large distances (about 20 feet). These would require two buildings worth of steam generators to run, and would be incredibly dangerous.

    Or, instead of steam-telephone, any number of household items would work.

    Refrigerators that remove all heat from the universe, resulting in absolute zero.
    Toasters that utilize actual hellfire from hell.
    Black hole trash cans. (Always a good idea!)
    Record players with a tendency to rupture eardrums. Also the only record they have lying around is super annoying.

    And so on. I could list those all day but there are probably better ways to spend my afternoon.
  6. Haldurson

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    The game will need, of course, a veritable spiderweb of steam-powered tubes for sending messages all over the city. There will need to be a rebel air conditioning repairman character, like Robert Dinero from the movie "Brazil". And, of course, there will need to be clockwork robots.
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  7. impishacid

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    Achievements for each of the horribly violent ways your citizens can die. (As if they wouldn't be including those already :) )

    After extreme work on reckless and forbidden Sciences, *become* the Elder things, then propagate yourselves back in time to plague the Empire and try to prevent the agony you've inflicted upon yourselves.

    The Player-avatar Bureaucrat themself is lost to the outer reaches of sanity, glimpsing briefly on the noneuclidean gemoetries of an Elder Thing city, which they of course briefly attempt to manage before succumbing to death.

    (okay i should probably not fixate on hoping there will be a Team R'lyeh Citybuilder mode)
  8. Warrex

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    My hopes would be Jagers from Agatha Heterodyne: Girl Genius, though who could possibly speak the lines in that accent without cracking up?
  9. OmniaNigrum

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    That is the famous "WidowMaker". :D
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  10. Wolg

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    Not weird exactly, but I'd like to see, somewhere in the game world or UI, one of those "X days since last industrial fatality!" boards, only with the time scaled appropriately to how often we might expect them on average (minutes, seconds, etc).

    Or perhaps more than one such board ("15 days since last Invisible Geometer intrusion, a record high over the last three months."), just phrased in such a way as to convey that safety, while all very well as a concept, is more of an aspirational goal rather than an overriding concern of the populace, if I'm reading the setting right.
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  11. Lorrelian

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    I am shocked, shocked, that no one has mentioned sky jellyfish to plague your airships yet. And, of course, they are ruled by the Gray Worm that Tunnels In the Sky.
  12. jhffmn

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    I'd like to be able to feed poets to ravenous packs of diggles.
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  13. Turbo164

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    A clockwork work clock, so your clockwork workers can check the clock while they work.
  14. Wolg

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    A giant Jacobs' Ladder that's actually usable for efficient climbing/transport, in that it's a specially constructed platform that levitates when energised by two metal poles either side that have a huge arc of electricity pass between them.

    Naturally, this is a completely foolproof device. Yes. The concept doesn't introduce any risk whatsoever of horrific accidents due to excessive or insufficient power. >> No chance at all of a surge launching passengers through the air in screaming parabolic trajectories or chargrilling the platform and occupants, or a sudden failure as the platform nears apex providing an object demonstration of Sir Isaac's theories.

    (...Or call it Jacobsen's Ladder, depending on how meta you want to be...)
  15. Loerwyn

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    Come on, I'm weird.
  16. OmniaNigrum

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    No comment. :D
  17. Kaoschan

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  18. Warlock

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    Crusader series' UV-9 Pulsar nominated. For being awesome.
    Just plain weird - the little cleaner robots from the same series which can sometimes riddle you with electric bolts. :)
  19. OmniaNigrum

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    "and 1 gram of an unknown metal, resistant to heat of 50,000 degrees, impossible to bend or break with any force, and a near-perfect (1.6x10-75 ρ) conductor of electricity" WTF???
  20. You should be able to breed ponies and grow corn and then make ponycorn out of them with the help of your mad scientists.
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