"we built this city on..." Props to dev's / progs -- excellent work

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    Well we built this building anyway : )
    I decided on my colony's great masterworks project!
    (ok so I don't have an easy way to put pictures right into the dialog here, so only a bit of "click here, read this, repeat" hehe)
    While running 2 sets of farmers and 8 workshop kicking full swing, I grabbed every (other) available hand and said Let's do this!
    (((picture 01)))
    With all hands on deck, and only a couple beers in the cooler, over 140 items of supplies were brought forth to bring this up in just a single day!
    although they weren't too happy about having to split 3 beers 21 ways, they soldiered on the next day with the overseer pulling his hair out trying to juggle such a crowd and I think was at one point locked in the cabinet after his third round of losing his temper.
    But even from inside there, he could be heard yelling "work harder! Get to it!" and they did, only pausing for moments to make earplugs from the leftover cloth bolts
    (((picture 02)))
    "and on the Third day they rose again!" followed soon after by "And on the Third Night they crashed like an avalanche!"
    (((picture 03)))

    no crashes -- saved right after creation and saved after completion and redistribution of citizens
    Became sporadic to decently chuggy for a time during day 2/3 and sporadic continues after the fact
    however not once did I become to the point of nervous that it was going to go kaboom.
    **the starving nco in the corner was not long out of getting unstuck somewhere else, not from the building he's in**
    Two thumbs up to how far this game has come and what you all have put into it for us. Thank you.

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  2. Daniel

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    Wow! That's amazing - nice work! :D

    Nick is testing out some new tools to find the cause of our slowdowns; expect that to improve noticeably for next month's update.

    Now we just need to get them fighting over the fancy beds...