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    Since I saw a few discussions of Kickstarter games, I wanted to call attention to Wasteland 2. I really THOUGHT I had posted about this previously, but I can't find it now so I must have posted it elsewhere.

    Anyway, for those too young to remember, Wasteland was the inspiration for Fallout. Kickstarter funding for the sequel was achieved fairly quickly (and then some). Here's a link to the kickstarter page for more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wasteland_(video_game)

    Even if you've never played Wasteland, if you like challenging old-style rpgs like Fallout, then you may want to keep an eye on this one.

    And here's a link to the latest update:
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    You can still buy the game. It is not much more than the kickstarter price. ($20 instead of the kickstarter $15.)

    I did play Wasteland, and I loved it. It was the reason I later played the Fallout series.

    I will be buying a copy once a bag of cash falls from the sky into my hands... :(

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    I played the original Wasteland once upon a time (probably on my C64). My memory of it is real shaky, though. I do recall trying to crawl through some sewers and dying horribly every time to some mutated giant rats. I think I finally made it through and then died to poison gas or something like that. In other words, all I remember from that game was dying and reloading over and over again. I'm not sure if I ever completed it (I doubt it). I suspect that you had to be a masochist to do so (or just very good). But it was a really cool game, nevertheless.
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    Here's the first released in-game footage of the game in development.
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    The video really gives me confidence that this is the kind of game that I was hoping they'd make. The look is so much like Fallout and the trippy audio at the start is pretty cool. Gameplay looks good, and the customizable UI is something that nearly all games should adopt.
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    I backed it, looks good so far! I love the customizable UI, I'm kind of an UI nazi so this is good :) It will likely come out when I'm away, but since it's Unity it should run on my laptop. Clockwork Empires and Wasteland, fall won't be too boring :)
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    I never played Wasteland, but I played a DOS-based text adventure(ish) game that I would have sworn Wasteland was based on. I think it was even called Wasteland, but damned if I can find anything about it. I remember always dying in the first area, dying to rats after crawling into some bunker with a rope. Anybody know what I'm talking about?

    Anyway, as a big post-apoc / sci-fi and Fallout fan I am looking forward to this one. And I should probably whip out DOSBox and give Wasteland a try...
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    I can't think of any text-based games like you describe, though I wouldn't be surprised. Text adventures, with and without graphics, used to be an incredibly popular genre, that there would be a post-apocalyptic text adventure wouldn't surprise me. But I can't find anything about a text adventure called Wasteland. But it could have been shareware or Freeware (which might not have made it to Wikipedia).
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