warrior build that includes an escape

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  1. youtoo

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    i need a warrior build that includes a skill tree that gives me some kind of teleport or an escape. I got to level 12 and just cleared level 4. i went to a level 3 wizardlands dungeon. I pulled a level and ran into 2 evil clones. I was done. I had no ability to get away at a distance from these guys before I died.

    my last build was. probably shouldnt have done smith 6. i didnt see any items to craft after 5.

    polearm 3
    tinker 2
    smith 6
    communism, 2
    viking wizardry 3
    dual wield 2
    burglary 2
  2. Gorbax

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    (proper) Evil Clones are why you shouldn't pull the randomly placed levers in mysterious dimensions, they are far over-leveled
    What I mean is, don't take your death as an indication of invalidity of your build!

    Maxing out Smithing that early isn't a great idea, unless you already found the recipe of what you want to build and have the materials
    Level 6 Burglary has a teleport

    EDIT: I wouldn't worry too much about how well you think a build is
    Just go out and play until you get a feel for the skills and the mechanics :)
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  3. Haldurson

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    First of all, evil clones are usually easily avoided if you have the foresight to clear out the rooms ahead before you pull the lever. Second, not all levers are bad -- there's a specific room type only in Wizardlands, with levers that summons the clones, but in other room types, the levers do something else entirely. Sometimes you won't be able to proceed without pulling a leverl. You'll learn to recognize the room with the evil clone-summoning lever as opposed to levers with different functions.
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  4. Giygas

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    First of all, what everyone else said. The room with evil clones always has the same shape, so just never pull that lever and you're golden.

    Second of all, that build already has a teleport. It's the final skill in Burglary IIRC.
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  5. Ruigi

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    Clockwork knight skill is excellent for warriors and includes a teleport that costs 15 health each use but is mitigated by having blast resistant equipment.
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  6. Gorbax

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    and :armor_asorb:, I'd imagine
  7. Haldurson

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    Burglary also has an invisibility ability which may not seem as good as a teleport at first glance, but late in the game, it's far more valuable, when enemies have powerful ranged attacks and spells, and the amount of healing you can get from any given consumable is relatively negligible compared with how much damage some of your enemies are capable of
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  8. lccorp2

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    Nope, damage scales to armour.
  9. Gorbax

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    I was referring to Ruigi's comment of damage mitigation through :resist_blast:
  10. Yeah, the self damage scales to :armor_asorb:, so additional :armor_asorb: does not mitigate it. You need resists.
  11. Bohandas

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    Clockwork Knight actually has three movement skills, although the other two have much much longer cooldowns (but don't damage the character).
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  12. Giygas

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    I'm a bit late to the party, but this skill is really pretty great. Pop it before you open a door, so in case you see a Bad Thing (like a monster zoo or boss) you can close it and get out of there or prepare for the thing by quaffing potions or something. It's basically nope.avi in skill form.