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    Hi all,

    I'm developing my own crazy notes for this game based on my OCD playstyle, and the proc for the Fruitful Staff is missing from both the original Dredmorpedia and the updated stosic one. And the Wayback Machine doesn't have that page of the Dredmor Wiki archived. Can someone tell me what it is? Do you get fruit 100% of hits? 50% of kills? Is it random which fruit it is? Any information would be appreciated, as I don't know how to dig into game files to look for it myself.


    EDIT: Figured out how to dig into game files, and according to what I see there, there doesn't even actually appear to BE a proc. Or at least, it doesn't appear to have a % chance of happening, like other procs do. Mysterious. Would love an answer if anyone ever figures this one out. Also, edited the title of the thread so I can add other items that I can't figure out.
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