"Walk It Off" Stacks, Bug or Feature?

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Vinculi, May 2, 2012.

  1. Vinculi

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    Hey all, the title pretty much says it all, I was trying to make a character with as many proc buffs as possible, and I noticed something funny: my HP regen had hit 30, without ANY gear bonuses. I kept an eye out and noticed that each time "Walk It Off" is triggered while already active, its effects stack. This seems to happen with some buffs but not others, eg, this doesn't happen with "Duck and cover", but I think it might be happening with "Berserker Rage", although its harder to tell, since its effects are smaller and I have several abilities with similar stat effects proccing.

    Anyhow, is this supposed to be happening? Because I'm not sure whether its a bug or not, and its making my Master at Arms-Berserker Rage-Shield Bearer combo give me some extreme AA and HP regen, making it oddly good.

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  2. Darkmere

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    Feature, I believe. Also, isn't that something like double the maximum useful health regen?
  3. Lorrelian

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    More. 12 is the most that does you anything (see, Diggle God of Fertility.)
  4. Loswaith

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    Some buffs will stack, others wont, and the amount of times they stack is variable from buff to buff as well.

    As other have mentioned you wont regen more than 1 health per turn from just your HP regen stat, which if I recall right works out at being 8/10/12 for Elvishly Easy/Dwarven Moderation/Going Rogue respectivly.
  5. Vinculi

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    Yeah, "Walk It Off" stacking isn't all that useful, really, just the most noticeable one, since its effect is so large and obvious, but something in the Berserker skill tree is stacking as well, I think its "Berserker Vengence", which gives Burliness, Stubborness, Melee damage, and 2 AA, which makes it potential very useful, but isn't mentioned in the skill description (OK, according to the admittedly outdated wiki,all three procs in the berserker tree stack, why isn't that mentioned in the skill description? berserker is much more powerful than it seems, especially early on or for gish characters).