Wait.... is that ANOTHER GRPD random thread?!?

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  1. Essence

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    Alkahistory the Adventurer
    by the player

    Encrusted my Katana with Thaumites (having swapped my beekeeping tome for a lucky out-of-depth Tome of Too Much Information), killed a random mob, and walked over the corpse forgetting that Thaumites spawn from the corpse. Had the down arrow held down and died before I could pick my finger up and drink one of me 13 Potions of Health. Sigh. Fucked myself over in a heartbeat on what was a REALLY good run up to that point. I hate Permadeath. :D

    Next randoms:

    1) Maces, Staves, Vampirism, Psionics, Astrology, Assassination, Big Game Hunter
    2) Axes, Matheamagic, Ley Line Walker, Archeology, Tinkering, Egyptian Magic, Tourist
    3) Daggers, Artful Dodger, Mathemagic, Assassination, Smithing, Tinkering, Demonlogy
    4) Archery, Unarmed, Vampirism, Blood Mage, Wandcrafting, Emomancy, Warlockery
    5) Polearms, Throwing, Dual Wielding, Golemancy, Pyromethean Magic, Magic Training, Tourist

    Anyone have any thoughts? They all actually look kind of solid in their own ways. I'm leaning toward 4 the most right now...we'll see. :)
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  2. Giygas

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    "oh boy a mysterious portal i should go in"


    "fak u haroe"
    (Damnit, I hate thirsty daggles...)
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  3. Essence

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    Ultimate decision:

    Archery, Unarmed, Vampirism, Blood Mage, Wandcrafting, Emomancy, Warlockery

    Code Name: Der Shaftensucker. With Archery and Wandcrafting plus Vampire and Blood Mage, it was kind of an obvious one. :) And yes, she's a girl, because I'm a pig.
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  4. Giygas

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    ony a tristy daglle culd com up wit a nawtier neam

    (R.I.P. grammar)
    (Oh, yeah, and I have two characters going right now. Simutaneously. I forgot the builds.)
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  5. Vitellozzo

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    Yeah, testing vampirism with both melee and spellcasting.
    Hopefully this run will provide more useful feedback.
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  6. Essence

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    I kind of forgot about Der Shaftensucker and started a new set. I don't have time to post all 5 right now, but I wanted to brag about the one that won, because it's awesome -- probably the best Random I've ever played.

    Maces, Dual Wield, Berzerker Rage, Vampirism, Killer Vegan, Communism, Magical Law

    I just cleaned out the DL2 monster zoo with my maces and an Enraged Diggle familiar. I have maxxed Vegan, Drinker of the Dead, and freaking Polymorphic Injunction, which makes this whole thing work like a dream. +5 :life_regen: from Vegan means that Drinker of the Dead gives me 9 life per drain, so i don't even have to attack Animals to keep my health up (the occasional Other and Demon are plenty), and when I do need to finish off an Animal that my familiar doesn't want to track, I just Polymorph it into something else and kick it's ass. the only thing that came close to threatening me was a named Great Pumpkinn right in the middle of the zoo, but a Hoglantern and a Regen pot gave me what I needed to finish him off.

    I don't know if this'll get to Dredmor, but it's certainly a power build that's been a riot to work around (and through).

    Just for the record, here are the four that lost:

    1) Unarmed, Magical Training, Alchemy, Smithing, Piracy, Geology, Tourist
    2) Unarmed, Master of Arms, Psionics, Perception, Archeology, Werediggle, Demonology
    3) Axes, Master of Arms, Vampirism, Assassination, Archeology, Clockwork Knight, Egyptian Magic
    4) Unarmed (yep), Promethean Magic, Alchemy, Archeology (yep), Rogue Scientist, Communism, Magical Lawyer

    [edit] Just walked right through the DL4 zoo with the help of my trusty animal companion, Zwyoochie the Forebearer of Communism (named Diggle Commando FTW!). This is awesome. :)
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  7. Giygas

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    Oh, great, now I have to get inspired to roll yet another guy and make a vampiristic vegan. Thanks, essence.
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  8. Isasaur

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    This should be interesting, just started out a character: Polearms, Archery, Fleshsmithing, Blood Mage, Ley Walker, Perception and Fungal Arts. Let's see how this goes!

    Edit: I had gotten 13 poison ampoule bolts, but then I realized I didn't have the ESRCII mods on for whatever reason, so I had to restart :(

    Edit#2: Never mind! Just restarted the character and found 1 Bolt of Mass Destruction right away! Yes!

    Edit#3: Yes! Best Floor 1 ever! I descend the stairs holding my 2:mana_regen: and 3 :dmg_crushing: resistance Caketown Shield, 2:dmg_necromatic:, 1 :resist_aethereal:, 1:nimbleness:, 1:magic_resist: ring and 1:life_regen: 1:dam_voltaic: ring on the other hand :). Not only that, I found 2 Bolts of Destruction, 2 Bolts of Squids and a crap ton of other assorted bolts. Looking really good so far!

    Edit#4: In Floor 2 I found a wizardlands with a bolt of destruction and well...
    if you want the code, it was binzukkiimagzar
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  9. Azhor

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    New to the forums, but I've had DoD for a while. Decided I may as well join in! Though, admittedly, it took me far too long to realize what GRPD meant. :oops:

    Currently Random'ing:
    Thrown Mastery
    Dual Wielding

    I haven't died so far, but it's still early game and Sir Brows has a lot of dungeon to cover before he can even think of relaxing.
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  10. Isasaur

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    Ah f it, I tried this challenge like 4 times, but every single time I got far my save would disappear, I give up!

    Edit: Just kidding! I can't resist! 5 minutes after posting this I rolled a GRPD character for this challenge: Master of Arms, Golemancy, Viking Wizardry, Fungal Arts, Archaeology, Killer Vegan and Magic Law, hopefully this goes well!

    Edit#1: Floor #1 leaving with Mana Torus and level 6! So far so good :D
    Edit#2: She died at Floor #2 with 55552 score, to a very lucky counter from an evil chest monster... I should have ran... oh well.

    My second run, from rolls:
    Swords, Vampirism, Perception, Magical Law, Fungal Arts, Tinkering and Rogue Scientist
    Shields, Necronomiconomy, Blood Mage, Killer Vegan, Demonologist, Clockwork Knight, Rogue Scientist
    and the one I chose: Maces, Dual Wielding, Golemancy, Fleshsmithing, Mathemagic, Smithing and Rogue Scientist.

    Edit#3: I died on that character! Apparently the game doesn't like me, and an Eely can kill me even with my Moustache Golem near it... oh well. 79632 was it's score, died on floor 3.

    Edit#4: Character #3 died on Level 4 to the Tree of Woe, it cornered me and I had no heal/healing items, that game was kinda BS, since I got only ONE shop as a Bankster, Egyptian Magic, Rage, Master of Arms, Magic Training, Rogue Scientist and Communist, ended the game with 125557 score. :(
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  11. Azhor

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    Well my friends, I have grave news. Sir Brows has fallen in battle. A named Steam Golem caught him by surprise and, in Dredmor fashion, the base Mathemagic teleport did not help our brave adventurer to escape but, instead, teleported him onto the same spot. The steam golem, Tribellekut the Queen of Hammers, struck him down without remorse and he now rests in a grave, buried under 24076 points. Though this is a sad tale, his son, Sir Brows II has taken up arms to avenge his father. Sir Brows II is a dual wielding sword master who not only utilizes meat magic but also fire magic. Add this atop his curse - the curse of the Werediggle - and his status as not only a clock work knight, but also as a warlock and he may find a spectacularly painful death on the first floor.

    TL;DR: Sir Brows died to Tribellekut the Queen of Hammers, a steam golem. Floor 2, 24076 points. He is replaced by:
    Sir Brows II
    Dual Wielding
    Blood Magic
    Werediggle Curse
    Clockwork Knight

    Aaannnnddd, he's dead. Surrounded by diggles in room 3. A whopping 40 points.
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  12. Giygas

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    *picks up wizard key, enters a wizardland, and promptly walks on a landmine and explodes*

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  13. TheKirkUnited

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    New character: Harvold

    Staff Fighting MAX
    Master of Arms MAX
    Shield Bearer MAX
    Flesh Shaping 2 points
    Promethean Magic MAX
    Archaeology MAX
    Clockwork Knight MAX

    I've made it to the fourth floor so far by playing warrior style with maxed Master of Arms and 4 points of Clockwork with a splash of FleshKnit and 'It Belongs in a Museum'.

    Edit: Ninth floor. Max Shield, max Armor, max Clockwork, max Promethean. I would have stacked Staffs instead of Promethean but the RNG has been less than generous on that front. Running with mostly wizard gear at this point, leaning on my skills for :armor_asorb:,:block:, and :resist_piercing:. Pretty well steam rolling everything at this point, just have to watch my exotic resists.

    Edit: Eleventh floor. Maxed out Archaeology and plundered all the anvils down to the current floor. My wizard's hat is considerably more magical now. Finally found a decent... no make that an excellent staff, so I maxed Staffs as well. The XP acceleration from 'It Belongs in a Museum' is pretty absurd, so I'm pretty much ready to kill Dred now. I might just bumrush the last few floors.

    Twelfth floor. Somehow, without noticing I achieved a regen of one health AND mana per turn. I've done both of these things before but never on the same character. This character started as a plodding warrior but is becoming quite the power trip. I just stomped the level 12 zoo by doing a Steam Brigade Charge right into the middle followed by ludicrous spamming of Infernal Torus.

    Here's an obligatory photo of me with my bloody prize.

    Morning's Altars.png

    Edit: Decided to kill Vlad Digula since i hadn't gotten that achievement yet. Wound up going through three diggle hells before I found him, then had to kill two of him to get out. Didn't have too much trouble with either of them though and expected to have a fairly easy fight against Dredmor. I was mistaken. I had to use several invisibility potions to heal up from the drubbings Dred dished out but I managed to take him out for my highest score yet.

    High Score.png
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  14. Azhor

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    Sir Brows III has been rolling around in floor 2 for a little while, about time he was worth posting about. Though I'm feeling lazy, so here's his build:

    Shield Bearer - lvl 3 so far
    Master of Arms - lvl 4 so far
    Vampirism - lvl 2 so far
    Wand Lore - lvl 1. That will not change. Ever.
    Archaeology - lvl 2 so far
    Big Game Hunter - lvl 1 so far
    Warlockery - lvl 1 so far

    I've currently got a rough silver shield (A fairly lucky drop if I must say so my self) and a wooden shield as of 3 seconds ago i now have an encircinated silver shield in my other hand. SO GOOOOOOD! My main chest piece is a iron breastplate scaly hauberk of the fish, which i likely overpaid for but do not regret at all, but i switch between that and a chest that gives +2 to trap affinity to get traps out of the way. The Fedora and two rings that give a combined 3 HP regen are the only other things worth mentioning. I have 7 total, which goes up when i proc walk it off and duck and cover. I basically just warlockery-enhanced kick everything i see with 46 block and 9 armour absorb. He might get a new high score.
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  15. Suggestion: ramp shield bearer to Tortoise Maneuver to bump your health regen up to 11 by default, then proceed to heal ridiculous amounts of health off of vampirism procs. If you're running dual shields to boost Shield Bearer stats, though, I don't think that works? Correct me if I'm wrong, someone with more experience with Shield Bearer. CoE weapons are your best friend. Use them. Love them. Kill everything with them.
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  16. TheKirkUnited

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    You get the same Shield Bearer bonuses irregardless of whether you have one shield, two shields or no shields. Having two shields can still be awesome with the Unarmed skill but otherwise I would suggest sticking with a weapon in one hand since it can be pretty tricky to get enough damage without it. Ramping Shield Bearer with that build is still an excellent move, since the extra :life_regen: synergizes very well Vampirism.

    All in all, you have a pretty solid build Azhor.
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  17. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Note that this is no longer true in the alpha of 1.13: you don't get the Shield Bearer bonuses unless you have at least 1 shield, but the bonuses don't multiply if you have 2.
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  18. Azhor

    Azhor Member

    With two shields it can be tough to kill the Aethernauts but I just hit floor 4 and I still take barely any damage from anything besides named mobs. The dmg boost I get from the vamp dmg and the max hp regen I can get, which I've seen as 51, is pretty big. This is the best and furthest I've gotten so far. Random for the win!
    Oh, and an update. I've maxed Arms and I stopped at the second last shield skill. Working on archaeology now. Then I'll go back and hopefully double-please krong more than I displease him.
    Aslo! Just replaced the lesser silver shield with a sword. Stuff is just dropping and I'm still basically invincible. The sword also gives +3 :trap_level: which is awesomeeee!
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  19. TheKirkUnited

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    Another character and my first time using Essence's new rebalance, so this should be interesting. Also do this one on no time to grind.

    My rolls:






    I settled on the third set of skills since it doesn't have any redundant weapons, though my track record with vampires isn't so good.


    I name him Ptolemy and hope for the best.

    Edit: Aaaaand dead... on the third floor to a CoE monster. I fell for the old counter crit, but no hard feelings. This wasn't exactly an excellent vampire build.

    Poor Ptolemy.png
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  20. Azaz

    Azaz Member

    Yeah, this sounds like fun. I've not played for... a while -- basically since my last post on these forums. Family, studies, work, everything else keeps getting in the way. I also completely forgot that I owned the game since my Steam game list is so frikken huge that games gets lost in there. I wish you could delete games from it; there are a few I wish weren't there.

    Oh well.

    Seeing how I've never killed Dredmor on ANY difficulty level I'm fairly certain this'll be a piece of cake, am I right? Anyway, let's roll.

    Azaz I (yes, I'm amazingly good at coming up with names, shut up):
    Roll 1: Unarmed, Berserker Rage, Ley Walker, Assassination, Killer Vegan, Piracy, Battle Geology
    Roll 2: Daggers, Staves, Unarmed, Blood Magic, Wand Lore, Big Game Hunter, Egyptian Magic
    Roll 3: Polearms, Unarmed, Vampirism, Psionics, Promethean Magic, Perception, Fungal Arts
    Roll 4: Swords, Artful Dodger, Vampirism, Ley Walker, Perception, Warlockery, Magical Law
    Roll 5: Axes, Polearms, Vampirism, Viking Wizardry, Killer Vegan, Paranormal Investigator

    That's a lot of Vampirism right there. Not a single dual wield either. Not much in terms of Trap Sense either. While I think that Roll 3 is the stronger one I'll go for Roll 5 actually. GODSPEED, Azaz I.

    Hmm... Both 3, 4, and 5 seem like interesting ones. Ah, I can always go back and test them outside of this. Roll 5 it is.

    Edit: Alas, poor Azaz I! I knew him, Horatio: a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy: he hath borne me on his back a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is!

    He died while kicking in a door, his one major accomplishment to have killed The Baron (as his first opponent no less); Brax was kind enough to block the way for the baron to get in (me having borrowed a weapon of his), so I could stand above and just poke The Baron through the wall. Pure, stupid luck. I'm sure Killer Vegan can work with Vampirism, but...
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