Wait.... is that ANOTHER GRPD random thread?!?

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  1. Slammypoo

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    Just because all the others are dead, it had to be done!

    Let's keep it simple, highest average score over 10 characters wins, 5 rolls per character if you're not happy, try and keep the scores in one post and banter in others so it's easier for people to be struck by the awesomeness of your failures (and less regularly, successes!). Obviously, you're going rogue, so there's no need for fancy protocol or checking in. Posting tombstone pics is highly encouraged, everyone loves a good DoD funeral! Also, let's keep it to unmodded, Vlad Digula would not be pleased if there were an unlevel playing field!

    Character 1: Viking Magic, Ley Walker, Tinkering, Vegan, Warlockery, Communism, Demonlogist (this is hands down the best random i've gotten): Death at the hands of a tiki demon 32440

    Edit: I guess it needs a time limit, so lets say 28th feb, just to give everyone a good chance =]
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  2. SkyMuffin

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    I'd like to do this but I have a modded game already in progress. I know that if you copy the DoD folder to a separate location it works fine, but does anyone know how it works with save files between modded/unmodded?

    (Worst case scenario is I could just move the save out and back in when I need to)

    edit: also, should i note which mods i use for when i check them back on, or does Dredmor load them automatically when i load the save? :confused:
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  3. zuyx

    zuyx Member

    I just started a random GRPD character earlier today, so might as well list it on here.
    For the future I name my random characters Sophie and whatever number I'm at.

    Sophie VI:
    • Astrology
    • Piracy
    • Dagger
    • Wand Lore
    • Tinkering
    • Leywalker
    • Psionics
    Died on DL 11 - Score: 1189616
    Sophie VI.png
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  4. Loren

    Loren Member

    SkyMuffin: did you mod the core game files? If you haven't, you will be fine turning off the mods and making a new character. The game copies all of the mod data into each character's save folder. This also means that you can update mods whenever and not break existing games.
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  5. SkyMuffin

    SkyMuffin Member

    Ahhhh, I forgot that change was recently implemented. :) Sounds good then. I haven't modded the core files any. Thank you!
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  6. Wait, really. Is this in the 1.1.3 beta or should I just be feeling stupid right now?
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  7. Vitellozzo

    Vitellozzo Member

    I'll post here when the beta Core Changes will be ufficially patched.
    This is good for heart.
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  8. Loren

    Loren Member

    Is it not in 1.1.2? It totally does this for me using the 1.1.3 beta. I assumed it existed before that, but maybe it didn't.
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  9. SkyMuffin

    SkyMuffin Member

    My first random hero has

    axe/shield/flesh/astro/demon/battle geo/warlock

    i started with 5 skill slots already filled haha

    i have 0:trap_level: and only 1:trap_sense: so i am moving at a crawl. this is terrifying. luckily i have zombies to block gargoyle bolts for me while i get xp.
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  10. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    My five random rolls:

    1: The Trustafarian
    Master at Arms
    Egyptian Magic

    2: The Grade-ful Dead
    Staves (band leader)
    Promethean Magic (mythology)
    Mathemagics (math)
    Necronomiconomics (economics)

    3: The Blood-Sucker For Punishment
    Shield Bearer
    Artful Dodger
    Blood Magic

    4: No Clever Name, This Guy Just Sucks Balls.
    Dual Wield (YAY ANTI-SYNERGY!)
    Magic Training

    5: The Guy Who is Always Getting Kicked Out of Places
    Promethean (arson)
    Burglary (burglary)
    Wands (wanking in public)
    Werediggle ('nuff said)
    Tourism (he's been at this a long time.
    Egyptian Magic (a really long time)
    Magical Law (and worst of all, he's a damn lawyer!)

    I'm thinking the Grade-ful Dead is the way to go here. Staves+Necro+Geology isn't a bad way to gish, and if I can use This Translation Is All Wrong! to net myself a few points of :resist_nercomatic:, I won't even kill myself doing it. Promethean probably first and up to Wyrmling for the distraction, then Archeology 2, Vampire 2, and from there. We'll see if that all works out according to plan...
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  11. thecraww

    thecraww Member

    28th of February is my birthday! Giving everyone a good chance is the best gift ever dude thank you.
  12. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Just started this build -- and I have to say, it's good. Vampire comes with a point of :resist_nercomatic:, allowing me to use Deathly Hex without a lot of worries. Geology comes with Plutonic Fist, which makes Staves actually useful for kicking ass out of the gate. I leveled Archeology straight up to TTIAR mostly for the trap affinity and the long-term chance at more :resist_nercomatic: , then took Drinker of the Dead, and I'm about to go up Promethean to Wyrmling.

    I've never actually used Charlemagne before; I'm actually pretty impressed by that, too.

    This might actually work. :D

    [edit]Got to Wyrmling before the 2nd floor monster zoo, and managed to Translate me a ring with +2 Trap Affinity. This is going very well. :) [/edit]
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  13. Slammypoo

    Slammypoo Member

    glad this is getting some attention =], i've had too much mana the past few days, it seems the baron was making me drunker and drunker, so now, hanging as i am. i can play some of this wonderful game again :D also if anyone wants me to stream, give me a general consensus of times you will be on and i'll ramp up my stream on www.twitch.tv/slamfinity
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  14. SkyMuffin

    SkyMuffin Member

    I got my ass beat by a boss Mandragora...I should have used an invis potion instead of banking on astro to stun him. :*(

    1. 14000 points. i'll post all my screens at the end when i'm done for simplicity
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  15. zuyx

    zuyx Member

    So far from my run I am seeing that Psionics is pretty strong of a skill, used to think it was pretty useless. Nerve staple and then burn everything is working so far. Leywalker gives all the mana I need to spam everything.

    Zoos are a bit slow though, only aoe I have is Stars Aligned. Just finished the fifth floor.
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  16. Indiggles

    Indiggles Member

    I'm hoping that reporting in doesn't jinx poor Diggleberry:
    He was the second random to come up after one that had three weapon skills and no Dual Wield.

    Diggleberry: A Canadian Werewolf in Dredmor

    Ley Line Walker

    Quickly destroyed level one using many zombies. Found a Poncho and Maple Shield along with a Razor Sword. Picked up See the Sights first, then Diggle Plague for its debuff to make my zombies hit harder. Also grabbed IBIAM and Werediggles of London.

    Second Floor: HARK, found a Digglish Ring of Digglish Torment in a fountain and a Pirate sword with +4 Holy damage in an evil chest. Leveled this floor. Grabbed Flesh Knit, took Perception up to Trap Sense, found a Windup Crossbow. Almost died to The Great Pumpkin, but survived to climb another staircase.

    Third Floor: Fleshbore and Going Commando for skills. Investigated a Wizardland
    and found a Plague Doctor's Mask, but promptly replaced it with a Witch's Hat with 2:resist_putrefying:. Also found on Third Floor were Clockwork Gauntlets, Rubber Pants, Cybertronic Amulet and Alchemical Inspiration pot (saving rust and iron now!)

    Pocket Dimension
    Diggleberry seems to have a penchant for collecting hats. He has a Witch's Hat, Plague Doctor's Mask, Fedora with 2:sagacity: 2:life_regen:, The Hat of Bergstrom, and a Toque of Canada laying about. And some time soon he'll have an Ushanka as well.

    Onward to the Fourth Floor!
    Looking good so far; found another Great Pumpkinn but killed it no problem. Found a Wizardland that had a ring with +10 stats. Replaced his Maple Shield with a Starry Orb for now. At 20 Magic Power and Fleshbore combined with the bolts he's found works great for ranged, and up close he commences the diggling--really would like him to have more :armor_asorb:; he's at 1/5 adventurer/werediggle, which is pretty awful; but he stitches up fast.
    Brax had some Parachute Pants for sale on this floor; Diggleberry bought them, but he's torn between the various resists on his Rubber pants or the huge dodge bonus from the Parachute.
    Diggleberry is tempted by the Mysterious Portal; but passes it by for another time perhaps.

    Diggleberry is still alive and kicking. Made it to dungeon floor 7 last night, and he's sitting well at level 19. So far he has maxed Fleshsmithing and is very careful not to step in the clouds and meet an asphyxiating doom. One more level and he will hit the capstone for Werediggle as well. He is currently hoarding money to buy a second Diggle Ring of Digglish Torment (86K!) of which he has 50k.

    UPDATE: [​IMG]

    Was drinking some healing potions against a nasty Bumblebeeperson while invisible but messed something up and became revealed next to Twypoarp after only getting 1 down and OOF: Diggleberry shivered like an Ooze.
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  17. TheKirkUnited

    TheKirkUnited Member

    First random roll turned up:

    Dual Wield
    Armor Mastery
    Emo Mancy

    So I didn't roll again. The first three skills plus Vegan make for a very solid warrior build so that's how I began the run. Maxed out Vegan first then Armor up to Walk it Off and a single point into Communism for the Healthcare. It's been a fairly easy stroll to DL 4 with a regen of 1 every 3 turns, a rate which I usually achieve somewhere closer to the 8th floor.

    Found a Fruit Staff on DL 5 in a chest of evil. I will never want for food again. By DL 7 I have 90 apples, 100 pears, and 85 plums. I increase emo up to Dampening Field of Angst, hoping it will save me from Monstrous Masks and other hated casters and a couple points in Bankster for the hell of it.

    I haven't played much with Emomancy or Banksterism yet, so I'll probably push those just play around with them a bit.

    Edit: Floors 7-10 see the addition of many levels in Bankster and Emomancy. Most notably I discover the usefulness of Fiscal Hedge and Sigil of Whatever. This build is starting to make me smile in ways I hadn't expected. With Fiscal Hedge I'm nearly invincible as long as my swiftly plummeting stack of zorkmids holds out and Sigil of Whatever allows me to hit Mustache Champions and other high dodge enemies with my paltry EDR.

    Floors 10-12 I finally start maxing out Axes since I've found some Solar Disc Axes to replace my CoE weapons and my EDR really needs the boost. I think I'll be working on maxing out Dual Wield next.

    Just started Floor 13 and the random gods in a fit of unprecedented generosity gift me with TWO! Chest of Evil Solar Disc Axes!!!! Now we're cooking with gas!

    So I destroyed Dredmor in Melee without even using a healing item... So I have to say this build is pretty boss. Though I did have a lot of buffs running, including 3 stacks of voltaic, hyperborean, and infernal empowerment and the super heavy plate that gives 20 :resist_voltaic: for a total of 33 :resist_voltaic:.

    Oh, and I finished at level 29, without quite maxing Dual Wield or Banksterism. Communism I only got up to General Winter. Everything else was maxed. I pushed Emo just for the achievement.

    My first random victory and a new highscore for me as well.
    Justus Victory.png

    Justus: 1,956,692

    Emet: 652,992

    Harvold: 3,152,928
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  18. zuyx

    zuyx Member

    How do you end up dealing with the vegan debuff, so far from my luck I have never really done that well with the skill, random character or not.
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  19. TheKirkUnited

    TheKirkUnited Member

    First, don't eat any food other than tofu or fruit.
    Second, don't hit animals in melee, kill them from afar with crossbow, thrown, or abilities/spells.
    Third, you want to max out the skill as fast as you can to get Level Five Vegan so you can get rid of debuffs when you accidentally hit animals or just really need to eat an omelet to survive.

    Animals won't attack you, so for the most part you can just leave them alone. The only real issue is when drone jam kicks in. With this build I've actually found Emomancy's first skill to be really useful for getting errant animals out of my way.

    The pet skill will also allow you to get the animals to kill each other for early, risk-free experience. Though, that takes a little patience.
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  20. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Dual Axes plus Communism means powerful Winters. Both Banister and Commie have uncurses. That's a really solid build, actually.
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