Vonnegut, the Bombing of Dresden and a really cool (non-game related) Kickstarter

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    I wanted to let you know about this kickstarter campaign that may be of interest to you. Robert Weide and Don Argott have collected a lot of documentary footage over the years about the life of Kurt Vonnegut, and they hope, with a successful kick-starter, to turn it into a movie. The details are here: https://www.kickstarter.com/project...negut-unstuck-in-time/posts/1133565?ref=email

    In partciularly, I recommend you watch the second movie where Vonnegut recounts bit about his experiences at Dresden.

    BTW, YEARS ago, back before the World Wide Web, I was an occasional visitor and participant in the Kurt Vonnegut Usenet group. I remember having conversations with Robert Weide then. I didn't know much about him, other than he seemed to be a real expert on all things Vonnegut, which I thought was really cool. You never know what a person is really like from those kinds of conversations, but he did seem really cool, and kind, and maybe was the only person I knew (other than a buddy from college) who loved Vonnegut more than I did. And now he is trying to get a movie made. It's obviously a passion project, and imho, those are the best kind.

    In any case, watch (as I said) the videos -- in particular the second one.
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