Visual Spell Templates and Other Quick References

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    "triggerondodge" only works on abilities. For items and spell buffs it's "dodgeBuff".
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    Yes. Just make your own "manTemplateDB.xml" file with your custom template, and reference it with whatever is supposed to be using it.
    If you don't know how to do that, start by taking a look at the original file.
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    1.1.13 syntax: Weapon-Dependent Effects

    Interestingly, they decided to add the necessity for weapons as an element in SpellDB rather than SkillDB. It takes the form of an addition to the <requirements> tag, as in <requirements weapon="2"> (where the number is the weapon type from itemDB -- shields, however, are <requirements shield="1">). That means that stat bonuses from the weapon skills are still weapon-dependent like always (hardcoded style, sadly). Now, however, it's totally possible to make spells that can only be activated if you have the correct equipment equipped.

    Dual Wield still doesn't have a <requirements dual="1">, so stuff like Offensive Maneuvering will still proc with an orb and a tome equipped.
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    Do you happen know which ones work in items?
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    You can start with the ones that work from within buffs, the list is fairly similar.

    And I can assure you that "triggeroncast" does not work.
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    Breakdown of average stats on food (A guideline, not a hard code):

    0.279:life: per 1 Zorkmid, or:
    1:life: per 3.584 Zorkmids.

    For Booze:

    0.269:mana: per 1 Zorkmid, or:
    1:mana: per 3.721 Zorkmids.

    Not counted were Diggle Nog, Dwarven Gut Rot, Root of T'Char, and Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster. All others counted ranged for all three expansion packs. Most items ingame will not fall perfectly on this scale (some are very close, others far underrated or overrated), but it's still helpful for pricing to have. I'd really like to see what the real price for every stat was, though. Not sure where I would find that.

    The formula for finding the price of your food should look like an exponential formula, with Zorkmidn=Zorkmidn-1*(2.1) or something of that effect.
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    I found out that Righteous is the best damage, and Toxic the worst. Righteous has no resistance whatsoever in whatever dungeon floor (vanilla, no RoTD), while Toxic has resistance EVERY floor, except for floor 7.

    Aethereal and Necromantic are the most underrated damage types there currently are, especially Necromantic (Aethereal Missile is pretty common).
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    Actually there is quite a bit of :resist_righteous: on Lutefisk whatevers. (Whatever depends on the floor. But they all have some resistance. Otherwise :dmg_righteous: is pretty awesome.)
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    I didn't add the RoTD in that research..
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    I apologize. I could have sworn they were in the base game too.
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    I'm working on a big mod that adds loads of items, and it's sometimes hard to find a fitting name for an item, so I've made a simple list of them;

    ---- Hand armour ----
    Gloves: armour that spans /only/ the hands, not the rest of the arm (white suitgloves)
    Wrists/Wristguards: armour that only fits wrists (wristbands)
    Bracers/Vambraces: armour that spans from wrists to elbows (archer's vambraces)
    Gauntlets: armour that spans from fingers to elbows (iron spiked gauntlets)
    Sleeves: armour that spans from wrists/hands to shoulders

    ---- Feet armour ----
    Sandals/Flipflops: open armour that spans from +/- toes to just under the shins (gladiator's sandals)
    Shoes: closed armour from toes to ankles (dress shoes)
    Boots: closed armour from toes to calves, generally heavy (army boots)

    ---- Head armour ----
    Cap: not covering face, small (NYC cap)
    Hat: not covering face, bigger (wizard hat)
    Mask: only covering face (voodoo mask)
    Helm/Helmet: covering head, not always covering the face (spartan helmet, full helm)

    ---- Leg armour ----
    Pants: lighter/shoddier variant, covering most/all of ones legs
    Legs: heavier/more abstract variant, covering most/all of ones legs
    Shins: light, covering only shins
    Greaves: heavy, covering only shins

    ---- Shields ----
    Buckler: small
    Shield: anything, actually
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    This thread has been incredibly helpful while writing my mod -- thank you!
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    Great reference material here.
    I'll be using this as I work on mods.
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    Actually I think 5 is ship/library; mostly library

    Also 4 is like a roman bath or something, not just marble
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    You can also use FastStone Image Viewer's batch convert function. Set the destination file type as .png and it will output png files of a type Dungeons of Dredmor can read, and it can do all the .png images in the entire mod at once.
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    It's hard to pin-point the exact theme unless we find out what they were all supposed to reference. But without that, ultimately both interpretations are fine, I think.