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    I'm mainly shaking my head at the EA review from one PintoBean...
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  2. Puzzlemaker

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    Welp it's officially out! Hooray!
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  3. Nicholas

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    It Is Done.
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    AND you have your first 1.0 bug report! Congrats again!
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  5. Jacq

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    reusing is ok if you worked real hard
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    That needs to go on the Twitter feed.
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    Emotes! Exactly what I've always wanted. :fishperson:
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  8. Naffarin

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    I like the new trade office...no longer designating things for trade, also the attracted traders is a nice addition
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  9. Mikel

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    We need Steam trading cards.... Gaslamp has incredible art....
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  10. Nicholas

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    (they're on their way, but won't show up until Thursday due to the Valve Bureaucracy)
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  11. It's awesome to see all of the dev team's hard work pay off. Clockwork Empires is currently in the top 25 selling games on Steam.
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  12. Alephred

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    Currently on top of the Popular New Releases list. :)
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  13. Tikigod

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    Sadly the "Popular New Releases" doesn't really mean it's selling well, just that it's a new release that didn't just go by with absolutely no one noticing and hasn't been drowned in negative reviews.

    Valve buggered up the 'feature' page which is used as the default landing place a long time back. :(

    Edit: That said the more appropriate reviews that aren't just one of us from here raving about everything being perfect all seem to be rather consistent. Solid game, rather fun if pretty barebones, not exactly what the concept described but still enjoyable.

    Which is probably the best sign of all for day 1.
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  14. RoofLizard

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    Congratulations Gaslamp!

    I dabbled with the Alpha stages but held back for full release, the game is really fun and worth waiting for. It's great to see it reach the major milestone.

    Now I can make Dodos extinct again :)
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  15. mikail 001

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    Great job on full release, i see there are dauntless dare loadout on other terrain except arctic. Is it really unplayable with dauntless dare that the option isnt available?
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  16. Agthor

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    First congratulations on the release,
    Played CE throught the pre-Alpha - Alpha - Beta en now the full release, had a small sessions of playtime and like the changes of 1.0 and what CE has become.

    Keep up the good work.
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  17. Fluffeh

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    Congratulations! That's a lot of really bloody hard work finally come to fruition.

    Now take some goddamn time off, you absolute madmen. It's scientifically proven (by the tiny goblins living in my brain) that it's downright unhealthy to read the shit steam users throw your way the first few days after shipping. Go get drunk or something. You've earned it :)
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  18. FIbinachi

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    Huzzah for you lot, jolly good work on the entire terrible sinking-floating-half-on-fire ship that is building a workable simulator of economic transactions and people. Good show.

    I've been reading the devlogs since Dredmor, and quite liked it the entire way. Hope you sell lots and lots.
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  19. Exile

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    I am not allowed to drink unless I am alone.
  20. Right now I'm playing on the stable branch [icon bug], thus I'm posting this here.

    I don't even know how it even happen... the glowing thing just confuses me so much when building...
    I didn't notice until a while after the building was finished, because the roofs didn't look right.
    I don't even know.jpg
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