Vampirism doesn't trigger properly on killing blows.

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by DragonRider, Sep 15, 2011.

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    I've been running a Vampirism character for the first time since the patch, and I've noticed something odd. Normally, when you hit, you get the full 3+ health (the base 1 plus however much piercing damage you're getting from Vampirism, depending on your magic power), but killing blows almost always heal for only 1. I've only gotten more than that maybe two or three times across three whole floors. Greedy Blungecaps are the same way...when I eat one on my current character, I might get something like 8 or 10 health on a good hit, but if I finish off a target that's almost dead I only get 1. It starts to get really noticeable once you're doing enough damage to two-shot enemies, or if you're using a build where you like to weaken enemies from a distance and then finish them off in melee. You can wind up losing your lifesteal on a relly large percentage of your hits.

    I suspect that the piercing damage from Vampirism (and apparently the application of the heal) isn't applying after your normal attack has already resolved, so if you deal enough damage to kill the target with just your normal weapon (as is the case the vast majority of the time) it never triggers at all and you only get the default 1 health. I'm pretty sure this didn't happen before 1.05.
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    Yeah, I reported roughly the same thing on beta. It is unfortunately still in the process of being fixed.
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    It didn't happen before 1.0.5 because previously you got to drain health from corpses. Now the health drain kicks in after you kill the enemy, but the enemy's now a corpse, so you can't drain it.