Upon experimentation of starvation

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    i'll try keep it short:
    I noticed that I had never had cannibalism go rampant during starvation, so i took it into my own hands.
    Colony of forty members. farms destroyed. foraging jobs disabled. food forbidden.
    early days: colonists break your rules and will start eating forbidden food, go forage into the woods out of hunger. nice.
    Now, a week or so later, i have a dozen or so colonists on madness 5, and half a dozen that have occasionally eaten their fallen comrades (roughly 10 colonists died) but there has not been any cannibalistic murder, nor have the people compulsively sought out and butchered the dead; the humans that were eaten had been butchered by fish people earlier. Many colonists with madness 5 died of starvation instead of butchering corpses.
    no cults were created, though a few colonists tried; but others where not interested. (note that half my colony was mad)

    just thought i would share my results
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    Good research, but as was admitted in the junior bureaucrat confession ,this atrocity had been precipitated by the the junior bureaucrat and the surviving colonist group, did nothing to depose, assassinate .or at the very least report the
    blatant disregard of the junior bureaucrat mandate of this particular responsible junior bureaucrat!

    A series of escalating events with punishment for negative junior management or reward for positive above anticipated normal performance should soon be implemented,
    Gog save the Queen
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    Hi! Logged OC-4000 to double check the mechanics here.
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    I have seen starving colonists butcher the corpses of bandits that fell outside of town.