Unused Main-Game Rooms

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    I needed a break from something I was working on, so I slapped this together in a couple minutes. I won't however claim that I "made" it, as that would be taking credit for someone else's efforts.

    Unused Rooms Mod

    It's just the rooms that were commented out from the main game, collected into a minimod. So, 'new' rooms for most of the floors from 1 to 8. I make no promises that they are worth using and don't have minor bugs that I didn't notice. I'm sure the Gaslamp crew had good reasons for leaving these rooms out.

    Other than sticking special="1" on a couple of them, I haven't changed anything. Which means none of them do anything. They lack custom blockers or other fancy features. Some are huge and empty. They also don't fit the current DoD design ethos in that some of them use way more 1-tile high walls than dbaumgart would ever like to see on your screen. Basically, I've taken the art that David wasn't happy with, framed it and stuck it on everyone's wall anyway. :oops: I'm sure he'll love me forever for this.

    So why would you want to download and install this?
    • To explore what the game almost was.
    • To thin-out weird rooms from other mods that were spawning too often (even if it's my stuff you want to thin out).
    • For the sake of dungeon layout variety.
    • You like big rooms and you cannot lie. There's a few huge ones in here.
    Some other day when I get bored I'll probably go through and fix the wall thickness and any other issues I discover. Maybe add the tutorial rooms, give them doors and set them to spawn for a lark.

    I may eventually use parts of this for a future version of ID (some of the layouts are very nice) but I didn't want to just drop all this stuff in to ID and take credit for dbaumgart's hard work. Plus, given that the DLC's official release date is nearly a month away, ID 2.0 is kinda in limbo land.

    EDIT: Thinking about it, perhaps this doesn't belong in "Modding Releases", but just in general "Modding". Daynab, if you feel so inclined, feel free to move it.